still of light show presentation from professor Matt Smith's live event engineering class. a mannequin stands in the middle of the PLAI lab while the light show happens around you

Matt Smith’s Live Event Engineering Class Presentations - Fall 2019

In Matt Smith's AET 348C: Live Event Engineering class, students programmed light and projection shows to a song of their choice. Watch some of the presentations in this compilation video.

Chloe Alviar (left) and Isaac Gonzalez (right)

Chloe Alviar & Isaac Gonzalez

Meet Chloe Alviar and Isaac Gonzalez, a songwriting duo in the Arts and Entertainment Technologies department.

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Construk Sans by BFA Design senior Ryan Hicks

Ryan Hicks

Get to know Ryan Hicks, who graduated with his B.F.A. in Design in May 2019.

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Alex Iveroth's 3D Environment for the 2019 Blizzard Entertainment Student Art Contest

Alex Iveroth

Meet Alex Iveroth, a senior Arts and Entertainment Technologies major specializing in Game Design.

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Design Lab technician Henry Smith doing a screen printing tutorial in the Design Lab at UT Austin

The Design Lab

Explore the Design Lab and get to know Design Lab Technician Henry Smith.

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Multimedia artist and educator Yuliya Lanina in costume during her performance of Misread Signs

Misread Signs

Watch "Misread Signs," a multimedia performance by Yuliya Lanina.

Both signs for the BFA and MFA design exhibitions, Future Tense and Work for Progress

BFA & MFA Design Exhibitions

Highlights from the BFA and MFA design exhibitions

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Spring 2019 SDCT Showcase poster

SDCT Spring 2019 Showcase

Highlights from the Spring 2019 SDCT Showcase

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Alyson Beaton headshot

Q&A with Alyson Beaton, Assistant Professor of Design

Alyson Beaton is an interdisciplinary designer/maker/author and entrepreneur. Her projects range from space, exhibit and objects to graphic design/branding. Get to know Alyson here!

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Illustration for "How Can You Be a Teacher When You Don't Know the Answers?" by Misa Yamamoto.

Call for Submissions: Journal of Design and Creative Technologies 2019

SDCT is calling for submissions to our 2019 Journal of Design and Creative Technologies.

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Gray Garmon

Q&A with Gray Garmon, Assistant Professor of Design

Gray Garmon is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Integrated Design in the School of Design and Creative Technologies at The University of Texas in Austin. Read a Q&A with Garmon here.

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Wide shot of the crowd an a student live mixing during the Fall 2018 AET concert

Fall 2018 AET Concert

View the highlights from Fall 2018's Arts and Entertainment Technologies end-of-semester concert.

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Michael McKellar headshot

Q&A with Assistant Professor of AET Michael McKellar

Michael McKellar is an Assistant Professor of Practice of Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET), teaching primarily in the Projection, Lighting, and Interactivity (PLAI) concentration. McKellar recently moved to Austin from Scotland with his wife, Emma.

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Jason Wilkins

Q&A with Assistant Professor of Design Jason Wilkins

Jason Wilkins attended the MFA Design program at the University of Texas at Austin but withdrew early to put his theoretical studies into practice. He found his fit at Dyal and Partners, the design studio he joined in 2012, which subsequently became part of Page. Wilkins played a key role in the recent redesign of the University of Texas at Austin's visual identity. He enjoyed working on it because it was first and foremost a strategic effort.

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MJ Johns

Q&A with Assistant Professor of AET MJ Johns

MJ Johns is a game and experience designer, Unity developer, and founder of Astire Games. MJ previously worked in AAA on COD: Modern Warfare Remastered and Mafia III, and they also worked in VR creating show demos for the Virtuix Omni. As the studio director for Astire Games, MJ develops educational and family-friendly apps and games for mobile, VR, AR, PC, and web. MJ got their start in software and web development before moving into games and entertainment in 2012.

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VJ Battle: Audiopixelcollider

2nd Annual VJ Battle: Audiopixelcollider

View the highlights from UT Austin's second annual VJ Battle: Audiopixelcollider, a collaboration between the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies, the Butler School of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance.

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The final iteration of the inaugural In The Arena Award

The Inaugural In The Arena Award: Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton

Students from the Department of Design, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Jiwon Park, designed and constructed the physical award for the LBJ School of Public Affairs’ new In The Arena award. The inaugural award was presented to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in November. 

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Kevin explains an assignment to students

Q&A with Kevin McDonald

We recently caught up with Kevin McDonald to learn more about his off-campus course at argodesign in South Austin last fall. Find out more about his experience teaching ITD 170: Making Real World Design and partnering with argo.

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James Gurney speaking at Pathways to Entrepreneurship

P2E: James Gurney

Artist and author James Gurney visited the School of Design and Creative Technologies to speak on "The New Art Economy: Living Off Your Dreams" at October's Pathways to Entrepreneurship event.

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Professor Carma Gorman examines a book with students at the Harry Ransom Center

Design Class Visits Harry Ransom Center

Students from Associate Professor Carma Gorman's History of Graphic Design course visit the Harry Ransom Center. 

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