B.S. in Arts and Entertainment Technologies

photo of UT Tower replica with projection mapping at Level Up showcase in Spring 2022

B.S. in Arts and Entertainment Technologies

About the Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET) equips graduates with the technological mindset needed to create meaningful experiences in both physical and digital spaces. Over the course of their study, students hone their storytelling tool kit across the fields of visualization, sound, games, live event technologies, and immersive media.

Students progress through structured Foundations courses, upper division courses, electives, and senior projects. A typical AET course plan builds over 8 semesters alongside The University of Texas at Austin’s core curriculum. Students can enhance their Program of Study with collaborative partnership courses focused on industry and research, double majors, minors, Bridging Disciplines Certificates, as well as clubs, student organizations, and special events.

Program Features

An illustration about core areas students can concentrate including Game Design, Experience Design, and Music & Sound or Visualization.

Choose a Path

Align interests with career goals and deepen knowledge in 5 core areas: Game Design, Experience Design, Live Event Technologies, Music & Sound or Visualization.

An illustration about a student networking with industry partners.

Explore Industry-Oriented Partnerships

Curriculum is designed alongside industry partners like Gensler Digital Experience Design, Dell Experience Innovation Group, Wonderspaces and ILMxLAB who work with us as advisors, instructors, and guest speakers to keep you on the leading edge. 

An illustration about collaboration of students across disciplines.

Embrace Cross-Disciplinary Opportunities

Real-world learning experiences centered on collaboration across creative disciplines so that you are prepared to co-create in a dynamic industry environment.

An illustration about a student exploring the diversity of courses across the creative tech spectrum.

Navigate Flexible Degree Plan

Build fluency across the creative tech spectrum with room in your schedule to explore the diversity of courses that UT offers from business to world languages, media, art, and design.

Degree Requirements

B.S. Arts and Entertainment Technologies: View the 4-year sample plan and degree guidelines.

Have questions? Reach out to the AET Academic Advisor.