Degree Plan

Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET) is the first professionally oriented Bachelor of Science program offered by the College of Fine Arts. With coursework in game design, themed entertainment, music and sound, motion graphics and video, immersive media, interactive storytelling, and other creative technology fields, this cross-disciplinary program is focused on the future. A flexible degree plan allows students to double-major or minor in other areas of study such as design, computer science, or business.

Ideal candidates for this program are creatively driven, comfortable with technology, and have experience in one of the following:

  • Making games or working with game technology
  • Computer programming
  • Building objects and experiences with electronics
  • Traditional art transformed through technology
  • Theater technologies and interactive experiences
  • Augmented or virtual reality technology

Additionally, students who also demonstrate competence in the following areas could be a good fit for the program:

  • STEM or STEAM courses
  • Computer Science, A/V, or Game Design clubs and activities

Our faculty specialize in game design, themed entertainment, music and sound, motion graphics and video, immersive media, interactive storytelling, and other creative technology fields. AET is a bridge between the university and Austin’s vibrant arts, tech, and culture scenes. We actively cultivate partnerships across the city and work with organizations all over the country to provide our students with unique opportunities.


The Game Development and Design Program (GDAD)

A partnership between the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET), the Department of Computer Science (CS), and the Department of Radio-Television-FiIm (RTF), GDAD extends the core mission of the University and prepares students for entry-level opportunities in the video game industry and related fields.

Planet Texas 2050

As part of this high-profile research initiative focused on climate and population challenges in the state of Texas, AET has contributed to various projects that combine science and storytelling to create connections between people and research.

Industry Partners

Epic Games, Walt Disney Imagineering, Gensler Architecture, and Double A Labs are just a few of the companies providing mentorship, residencies, internships, and other guidance to support a future-facing and relevant curriculum. View our full list of industry partners.

Dell Technologies Inc. is our preferred computer technology partner, providing cutting-edge workstations and lab equipment which powers next generation digital content.

Professional Preparation

Industry Relations

Industry Relations serves as the bridge between student creatives and their desired industries, including design, technology, entertainment, and more. Services include one-on-one consultations, webinars and resources, networking guidance, and assistance with resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. The goal of Industry Relations is to equip students to advocate for themselves and supply the necessary opportunities to practice that advocacy. From orientation to graduation, Industry Relations provides curated resources and individual career direction to students pursuing their dreams in the creative industries.

Fine Arts Career Services

Fine Arts Career Services offers access to professional development including career advising, workshops and internship opportunities with commercial and corporate partners. Integrated advising encourages students to explore career and internship resources as early as freshman year.

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