Design Courses

Spring 2023 Courses

102: Introduction to Interaction

Unique: 21625
Instructor: Cathryn Ploehn

Introduces a variety of technology and software used by design professionals.

102: Introduction to 3D Design    

Unique: 21630
Instructor: José Perez

Introduces a variety of technology and software used by design professionals.

305: Design Studio II

Unique: 21635 / 21640 / 21645
Instructor: Vic Rodriguez Tang / Brooke Davis / Cathryn Ploehn

Build upon vocabulary, principles and techniques of design across disciplines through project work in a studio setting.

308: Introduction to Design Theory and Criticism

Unique: 21650
Instructor: Carma Gorman

Introduces design theory and criticism, examining how people's beliefs and values inform the way they make, understand, and evaluate works of design.

110T: Harm by Design

Unique: 21651 / 21652 (ITD 21823 / 21824)
Instructor: Elizabeth Riddell

Explore the harm design can do through current and historical examples, ranging from methods, architecture, graphic design, and technology. Discuss responsibility as designers, practitioners, and industry members when it comes to the ethics of projects

314: Intro to Industrial Design

Unique: 21654
Instructor: José Perez

Introduction to theories, principles, methods, and techniques for industrial design in a studio format.

320: Theories and Methods

Unique: 21653
Instructor: Catalina Alzate

Introduces cultural and aesthetic theories pertinent to design, as well as research methods for generating and prototyping ideas.

324: Research Methods

Unique: 21660
Instructor: Jon Freach

326: Objects and Spaces 

Unique: 21665
Instructor: Kate Catterall

Projects introduce rendering and prototyping techniques used for solving problems in three-dimensional media such as product design, packaging design, environmental graphics, and/or architectural/landscape design.

130T: Exploring Materials in Design

Unique: 21666
Instructor: Kate Catterall

A five-week course designed to introduce students to a variety of fabrication methods, labs and resources across the UT campus. An invaluable opportunity to experiment with a range of materials.

330T: Color and Visual Design

Unique: 21664
Instructor: Honoria Starbuck

Build proficiency in the foundations of visual design by exploring digital and physical spaces as well as AI-generated imagery. Explore how the principles and elements of design and color theory provide foundational and creative tools for emerging art forms. Implement the power of color and visual hierarchy to design projects to intensify visual narrative and engage audience emotions.

330T: Design, Race, and Culture

Unique: 21667
Instructor: Michael Ray Charles

This course will discuss the development, use, and importance of stereotypical imagery in popular culture, in the cultural production by marginalized communities including (but not limited to) art, design and advertising to facilitate or challenge lingering social constructions of “otherness.” Equally, it will discuss celebrated images of beauty, strength, and achievement by marginalized communities intertwined within America’s racial binary structure.

330T: Gender Bias in Design 

Unique: 21668
Instructor: Vic Rodriguez Tang

Through a series of methods such as research, making, and critiques, among other techniques, this course invites students to look into their gender biases when it comes to making design choices and ask them to propose ways to challenge their decision-making process.

330T: Bio Design: Speculative Futures

Unique: 21669
Instructor: Jiabao Li

This course offers an interdisciplinary platform for students to engage, collaborate and experiment in regard to biotechnologies and our futures.

330T: Editorial & Magazine Design 

Unique: 21673
Instructor: Jeanette Abbink

Applying past learning in typography and interaction, this hands-on studio course teaches the principles and contexts of editorial design related to these critical cultural forms.

330T: Type and Lettermaking

Unique: 21674
Instructor: Kelcey Gray

This course will introduce concepts, technologies, and current issues in the field of typography. Though students will focus on Western typography, they will also explore historical models and examples of letterforms from around the world.

334C: Interaction Design I 

Unique: 21675 / 21678
Instructor: Sydney Parks / Cathryn Ploehn

Explore theories, methods, and techniques for designing time-based and interactive experiences, including video, motion graphics, and web and mobile applications.

335: Typography II

Unique: 21679
Instructor: Kelcey Gray

Students use typographic principles to design complex print and on-screen publications.

336: History of Design

Unique: 21680
Instructor: Jennifer Tate

Surveys the history of graphic and/or industrial design from c.1450 to the present, with an emphasis on the last 150 years.

344: Objects and Spaces II

Unique: 21681
Instructor: Brooke Davis

Advanced practice in problem-solving, rendering, and prototyping in three-dimensional media, such as product design, packaging design, environmental graphics, and architectural/landscape design.

346: Project Studio

Unique: 21682
Instructor: Jon Freach

Professional experience solving real-world problems, including commissioned projects, student-initiated projects, and/or pro bono projects.

340C: Identity Systems I 

Unique: 21683
Instructor: Vic Rodriguez Tang

Examine the relationship between business and graphic design to simplify, unify, and amplify a brand's identity in a studio format.

337: Decolonizing Graphic Design

Unique: 21684
Instructor: Cheryl D. Miller

This remote course presents Miller’s own BIPOC heritage of the West African origins and transatlantic slave trade influences to North American Black graphic design history. The history of the slave artisan fills in the gaps of Black graphic design history erasure through the broad history of the graphic designer and the traditional canon of the history of graphic design.

347: Publication Studio (Letterpress)

Unique: 21685
Instructor: Kevin Auer

Advanced publishing projects in print and/or digital media.

260: Design Internship/Design Practicum    

Unique: 21690
Instructor: Catalina Alzate

Introduces students to ethical standards and professional practices in design; allows completion of an approved professional internship.

160I: Internship in Design

Unique: 21695
Instructor: Catalina Alzate

Participate in a professional design internship in a field of interest.

375: Capstone Design Exhibition

Unique: 21700
Instructor: Jiabao Li & Catalina Alzate

Students collaboratively curate, design, and install a senior BFA exhibition, and publish collateral materials that publicly showcase their capstone projects.

376: Independent Study: Design

Unique: 21705

Student-defined projects completed under faculty supervision.

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