Spring 2022 Undergraduate Design Courses

3D modeled flashlight sitting on a flat surface
DES 102 Intro to 3D Design

Faculty: Jose Perez
Unique Number: 21448

Introduces a variety of technology and software used by design professionals.

hand holding mobile phone in front of laptop testing interaction design mockup
DES 102 Intro to Interaction

Faculty: Cathryn Ploehn
Unique Number: 21449

Introduces a variety of technology and software used by design professionals.

assortment of journals, a camera, a coffee mug, pens, and figurines arranged on a table
DES 305 Design Studio II

Faculty: Brooke Davis / Vanessa Diamos / Cathryn Ploehn
Unique Number: 21445 / 21446 / 21447

Build upon vocabulary, principles and techniques of design across disciplines through project work in a studio setting.

meme of Joe Exotic from Tiger King. Text reads "when you finally study critical theory and realize everything you design upholds the hegemony"
DES 308 Intro to Design Theory/Critique

Faculty: Carma Gorman
Unique: 21440

Lecture/seminar course. Introduces design theory and criticism, examining how people's beliefs and values inform the way they make, understand, and evaluate works of design.

stick figure surrounded by doodles of different terms and images related to industrial design
DES 314 Intro to Industrial Design

Faculty: Jose Perez
Unique: 21441

Introduction to theories, principles, methods, and techniques for industrial design in a studio format.

An open laptop sits on a desk next to some candles and a full mug of coffee. Behind the desk are house plants and a black guitar. On the laptop screen is HTML and CSS code being used to design a website.
DES 130T Computational Design

Faculty: Cathryn Ploehn
Unique Number: 21437

Exploration of innovative topics in design.

Many tools and materials resting on a blue tabletop: duct tape, washi tape, scissors, an exacto knife, sticky notes, pens, and a rotary board and cutter.
DES 130T Exploring Materials in Design

Faculty: Kate Catterall
Unique Number: 21452

Exploration of innovative topics in design. Class meets January 24-February 21.

satiric image of a Renaissance painting. the subject is holding a modern iPhone
DES 130T Internet as Form

Faculty: Sam Lavigne
Unique: 21453

Explore the many esoteric possibilities of online expression, approaching the internet through the lens of experimentation, design and performance. Class meets January 25-February 22.

Design Thinking and Post-its
DES 320 Design Theories & Methods

Faculty: Catalina Alzate Mora
Unique Number: 21438

Lecture/seminar/studio course. Introduces cultural and aesthetic theories pertinent to design, as well as research methods for generating and prototyping ideas.

Close up photo of a cream-colored typewriter with a piece of paper in it. In big, bold letters across the top of the sheet of paper reads, "BLACK LIVES MATTER."
DES 322 Design and Social Environment

Faculty: Catalina Alzate Mora / Vic Rodriguez Tang
Unique Number: 21439 / 21442

Studio course. Involves researching a contemporary social issue; define an area of opportunity; and design graphics, objects, services, and/or systems that respond ethically to the issue.

word cloud: study, inquiry, write, research, curiosity, learn, explore, inquiry. a magnifying glass hovers over the words
DES 324: Design Research/Methods

Faculty: Jon Freach
Unique Number: 21443

Lecture/studio course. Lectures and projects introduce problem-framing and problem-solving techniques and a variety of design research, ideation, prototyping, and iterative methods.

artistic rendering of a futuristic-looking gazebo in an open field. a child runs as he plays with a toy airplane
DES 326 Objects and Spaces

Faculty: Kate Catterall
Unique Number: 21444

Studio course. Projects introduce rendering and prototyping techniques used for solving problems in three-dimensional media such as product design, packaging design, environmental graphics, and/or architectural/landscape design.

Blue neon sign reading "data has a better idea" sits beneath a window looking out onto a city skyline
DES 330T Designing with Data

Faculty: Cathryn Ploehn
Unique Number: 21454

Exploration of innovative topics in design.

student sits on star-shaped chair designed for Objects and Spaces classes
DES 330T Furniture Experiments

Faculty: Scott Witthoft
Unique Number: 21455

Explores using furniture both as a medium and an outcome in response to a wide variety of experiments.

On a blank wall hangs a circular bathroom sign. One half displays the symbol for "man" and the other half displays the symbol for "woman."
DES 330T Gender Biases in Design

Faculty: Vic Rodriguez Tang
Unique Number: 21457

Exploration of innovative topics in design.

drying cards with the word "cheese" letterpress printed on them
DES 330T Publication Design

Faculty: TBA
Unique Number: 21456

Exploration of innovative topics in design.

sketches of a mobile phone screen mapping out user interaction
DES 334C Interaction Design I

Faculty: Sam Lavigne
Unique Number: 21459

Explore theories, methods, and techniques for designing time-based and interactive experiences, including video, motion graphics, and web and mobile applications.

red poster with gray words like "peace" and "love" fit together like a puzzle to make a circle in the middle. big blue text reads "Psychedelitypes Photo-Lettering"
DES 336 History of Design

Faculty: Jennifer Tate
Unique Number: 21465

Lecture/seminar course. Surveys the history of graphic and/or industrial design from c.1450 to the present, with an emphasis on the last 150 years.

Cheryl D. Miller's illustration of the Megg’s 6th edition of the “History of Graphic Design," an industry and educational standard. Of the 594 designers covered in Megg's, 62 are women, 80 are people of color, and only three are Black.
DES 337 Decolonizing Graphic Design

Faculty: Cheryl D. Miller
Unique: 21469

Lectures and discussions focusing on specialized or advanced topics in the history of design. Taught by 2021 Cooper Hewitt Award recipient and AIGA Medalist Dr. Cheryl D. Holmes Miller.

artistic rendering of a futuristic-looking gazebo in an open field. a child runs as he plays with a toy airplane
DES 344 Objects and Spaces II

Faculty: Kate Catterall
Unique Number: 21479

Studio course. Advanced practice in problem-solving, rendering, and prototyping in three-dimensional media, such as product design, packaging design, environmental graphics, and architectural/landscape design.

Design students in studio.
DES 346 Project Studio

Faculty: Jon Freach
Unique Number: 21480

In this course, students will work with a client to develop research and design concepts. The projects will enable students to work as a team, learn a human-centered design process, manage client communications, and facilitate key touchpoints to share their work.

aerial view of many letter pressed fold-out accordion booklets on a table
DES 347 Publication Studio

Faculty: Kevin Auer
Unique Number: 21485

Studio course. Professional experience solving real-world problems, including commissioned projects, student-initiated projects, and/or pro bono projects.

Design Sprints and Executive Education
DES 350 Identity Systems II

Faculty: Vic Rodriguez Tang
Unique Number: 21488

Studio course. Projects focusing on contemporary design practice, featuring approaches and subfields not represented elsewhere in the curriculum.

student in Kelcey Gray's Typography I class draws on a poster hanging on the wall
DES 350 Type and Lettermaking

Faculty: Kelcey Gray
Unique Number: 21489

Studio course. Projects focusing on contemporary design practice, featuring approaches and subfields not represented elsewhere in the curriculum.

student showcases clothing line designed for senior capstone
DES 375 Capstone Design Exhibition

Faculty: Brooke Davis
Unique Number: 21495

Studio course. Students collaboratively curate, design, and install a senior B.F.A. exhibition, and publish collateral materials that publicly showcase their capstone projects.

two undergraduate students sit on grass and study a piece of paper. the student on the left points to the paper, and the student on the right wears a paper head covering
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