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DES 324 Design Research/Methods

Faculty: Jon Freach
Unique Number: 21850

Students will learn design methods used in practice today by professional designers. Students will develop observational research and inference-making skills, then work in teams using methods that help them investigate the physical, social, cultural, and cognitive human factors of a chosen project topic. The class will also study professional design research deliverables and learn from guests who use design methods in their work.

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DES 330T Perspectives in Design

Faculty: Gray Garmon
Unique Number: 21860

Multiple designers will lead short-term projects that expose students to unique perspectives about design in our current society.

student in Kelcey Gray's Typography I class draws on a poster hanging on the wall
DES 335 Typography II

Faculty: Kelcey Gray
Unique Number: 21875

Studio course. Students use typographic principles to design complex print and on-screen publications.

design student works on a project on laptop in the Design Lab
DES 346 Project Studio

Faculty: Jon Freach
Unique Number: 21885

Studio course. Professional experience solving real-world problems, including commissioned projects, student-initiated projects, and/or pro bono projects.

Design Sprints and Executive Education
DES 350 Identity Systems II

Faculty: Jason Wilkins
Unique Number: 21895

Studio course. Projects focusing on contemporary design practice, featuring approaches and subfields not represented elsewhere in the curriculum.

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DES 358C Industrial Design I

Faculty: Kate Catterall
Unique Number: 21900

Introduction to theories, principles, methods, and techniques for industrial design in a studio format.

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Center for Integrated Design

Explore the Center for Integrated Design's undergraduate and graduate course offerings for the Fall 2020 semester.

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