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Courses Offered by Department of Design

Fall 2018 Courses

DES 308: Intro to Design Theory/Criticism
Instructor: Monica Penick
Description: Lecture/seminar course. Introduces design theory and criticism, examining how people’s beliefs and values inform the way they make, understand and evaluate works of design.

DES 309: Introduction to Design
Instructor: Kate Catterall
Description: Studio course. Introduction to the design process, including research, ideation, prototyping, critique, and iteration. Projects also introduce the vocabulary, principles, strategies, techniques and conventions of drawing and rendering used by design professionals.

DES 320: Design Theories/Methods
Instructor: N/A
Description: Lecture/seminar/studio course. Introduces cultural and aesthetic theories pertinent to design as well as research methods for generating and prototyping ideas.

DES 321: Images in Communication
Instructor: James Walker
Description: Studio course. Explores the selection and creation of images appropriate to specific communication goals and contexts, such as promotional images, infographics, logos, instructions and/or narratives.

DES 325: Typography I
Instructor: Jason Wilkins
Description: Studio course. Projects introduce the fundamental principles, conventions and techniques of typography.

DES 326: Objects and Space
Instructor: Kate Catterall
Description: Studio course. Projects introduce rendering and prototyping techniques used for solving problems in three-dimensional media such as product design, packaging design, environmental graphics and/or architectural/landscape design.

DES 337: History of Graphic Design
Instructor: Carma Gorman
Description: Lectures and discussions focusing on specialized or advanced topics in the history of design.

DES 340G: Branding/Visual Identity Systems
Instructor: Jason Wilkins
Description: Studio course. Explores the purposes and constraints of branding and visual identity design, and the creative systems that can be applied consistently across media and materials.

DES 345: Design Writing
Instructor: Carma Gorman
Description: Lecture/seminar course. Students propose and carry out original research and writing projects with the aim of submitting their writing for publication.

DES 346: Project Studio (wkrm)
Instructor: Jiwon Park
Description: Studio course. Professional experience solving real-world problems, including commissioned projects, student-initiated projects and/or pro bono projects.

DES 347: Publication Studio
Instructor: Kevin Auer
Description: Studio course. Advanced publishing projects in print and/or digital media.

DES 349: Interaction Design II
Instructor: James Walker
Description: Lecture/studio course. Students design visually pleasing, responsive, user-centered web and mobile interfaces.

DES 374: Capstone Design Project
Instructor: James Walker
Description: Studio course. Students define their own research problem and propose appropriate design solutions, guided by feedback from desk critiques with the instructor, group critiques and reviews with a visiting critic.

DES 376: Independent Study – Design
Instructor: N/A
Description: Student-defined projects completed under faculty supervision.  

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