Fall 2021 Undergraduate Design Courses 

assortment of journals, a camera, a coffee mug, pens, and figurines arranged on a table
DES 304 Design Studio

Faculty: Jose Perez / Cathryn Ploehn / Kelcey Gray
Unique Number: 22045 / 22040 / 22050

Explore the vocabulary, principles and techniques of design across disciplines through project work in a studio setting.

hand holding a colorful printed newspaper in front of a colorful mural wall
DES 102C Intro to 2D Design

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 22035

Explore the fundamental principles and methods of 2D design making, including an introduction to software.

black and white photo of a table and chair next to a fireplace with decorations
DES 110T Intro to Design History

Faculty: Monica Penick
Unique Number: 22063

word cloud: study, inquiry, write, research, curiosity, learn, explore, inquiry. a magnifying glass hovers over the words
DES 110C Intro to Design Research

Faculty: Jon Freach
Unique Number: 22060

Students will learn design methods used in practice today by professional designers. Students will develop observational research and inference-making skills, then work in teams using methods that help them investigate the physical, social, cultural, and cognitive human factors of a chosen project topic. The class will also study professional design research deliverables and learn from guests who use design methods in their work.

three pens lying on an aerial sketch of a race car by Jose Perez
DES 110T Sketching

Faculty: Jose Perez
Unique Number: 22064

This Sketching class is for the beginner and the more advanced student. Students do not need to know how to draw well to register for this class. Professor Perez will take you through the learning process to develop the fundamental skills that you can build on and help you lose your fear of sketching. Students will gain self-confidence and learn the value of communicating visually by deconstructing complicated subjects and simplifying them to basic forms.

a man meticulously designing a product using a special protractor
DES 314 Intro to Industrial Design

Faculty: Kate Catterall
Unique Number: 22070

Introduction to theories, principles, methods, and techniques for industrial design in a studio format.

meme of Joe Exotic from Tiger King. Text reads "when you finally study critical theory and realize everything you design upholds the hegemony"
DES 320 Design Theories & Methods

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 22080

Lecture/seminar/studio course. Introduces cultural and aesthetic theories pertinent to design, as well as research methods for generating and prototyping ideas.

hands flipping through a book of high-resolution images on a white tabletop
DES 321 Images in Communication

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 22085 / 22090 / 22095

Studio course. Explores the selection and creation of images appropriate to specific communication goals and contexts, such as promotional images, infographics, logos, instructions, and/or narratives.

student in Kelcey Gray's Typography I class draws on a poster hanging on the wall
DES 325 Typography I

Faculty: Kelcey Gray / TBD
Unique Number: 22105, 22100, 22110

Studio course. Students use typographic principles to design complex print and on-screen publications.

artistic rendering of a futuristic-looking gazebo in an open field. a child runs as he plays with a toy airplane
DES 326 Objects and Spaces

Faculty: Jose Perez / Kate Catterall / TBD
Unique Number: 22125 / 22120 / 22115

Studio course. Projects introduce rendering and prototyping techniques used for solving problems in three-dimensional media such as product design, packaging design, environmental graphics, and/or architectural/landscape design. In this course, students will consider design from a variety of perspectives; design as economic driver, design as agent of change, future-focused anticipatory design and design as research.

UT Austin students prototyping furniture in a Center for Integrated Design course
DES 327 Prototyping Physical Space

Faculty: Scott Witthoft
Unique Number: 22130

Studio-based exploration of the iterative development of low-resolution immersive environments.

An undergraduate UT Austin design student organizes their thoughts using sticky notes on a white board
DES 330T Perspectives in Design

Faculty: Gray Garmon
Unique Number: 22131

Multiple designers will lead short-term projects that expose students to unique perspectives about design in our current society.

undergraduate student presents design during portfolio critique
DES 131 Portfolio and Performance Review

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 22132

Develop and review a portfolio of work, guided by feedback from the instructor, group critiques, and reviews with visiting critics.

woman with mask on sitting alone amongst many rows of open tables
DES 330T Nimble Design for Tough Times

Faculty: Mk Haley
Unique Number: 22133

Students will explore real-world design challenges in a world where safety and social distancing have tightened up our interactions and technology has expanded it.

sketches of a mobile phone screen mapping out user interaction
DES 334C Interaction Design I

Faculty: Cathryn Ploehn
Unique Number: 22135

Explore theories, methods, and techniques for designing time-based and interactive experiences, including video, motion graphics, and web and mobile applications.

red poster with gray words like "peace" and "love" fit together like a puzzle to make a circle in the middle. big blue text reads "Psychedelitypes Photo-Lettering"
DES 337 History of Graphic Design

Faculty: Carma Gorman
Unique Number: 22140

Why (and when) do we still use Roman capitals? Why do we (mostly) use romans and sans serifs instead of blackletters? Why do things look the way they do, graphically speaking, in 2021? This class answers these questions by tracing the history of Latinate (Latin alphabet-based) graphic design from the dawn of writing to the age of internet memes. You’ll learn the origins of the typographic conventions, materials, and printing technologies that Latinate designers use today, and become familiar with major movements, styles, and designers in the history of Latinate graphic design.

Design Sprints and Executive Education
DES 340C Identity Systems

Faculty: Jason Wilkins
Unique Number: 22145

Studio course. Projects focusing on contemporary design practice, featuring approaches and subfields not represented elsewhere in the curriculum.

aerial view of many letter pressed fold-out accordion booklets on a table
DES 347 Publication Studio

Faculty: Kevin Auer
Unique Number: 22150

Studio course. Professional experience solving real-world problems, including commissioned projects, student-initiated projects, and/or pro bono projects.

hand holding mobile phone in front of laptop testing interaction design mockup
DES 350 Advanced Interaction

Faculty: Sam Lavigne
Unique Number: 22159

stick figure surrounded by doodles of different terms and images related to industrial design
DES 358D Industrial Design II

Faculty: Brooke Davis
Unique Number: 22160

Introduction to theories, principles, methods, and techniques for industrial design in a studio format.

student showcases clothing line designed for senior capstone
DES 374 Capstone Design Project

Faculty: Brooke Davis / Greg Foley / Jon Freach
Unique Number: 22170 / 22175 / 22180

Studio course. Students define their own research problem and propose appropriate design solutions, guided by feedback from desk critiques with the instructor, group critiques, and reviews with a visiting critic.

two undergraduate students sit on grass and study a piece of paper. the student on the left points to the paper, and the student on the right wears a paper head covering
Center for Integrated Design

Explore the Center for Integrated Design's undergraduate and graduate course offerings for the Spring 2021 semester.

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