DES 309: Introduction to Design
Instructor: Jose Perez/Kate Catterall
Description: Studio course. Introduction to the design process, including research, ideation, prototyping, critique, and iteration. Projects also introduce the vocabulary, principles, strategies, techniques, and conventions of drawing and rendering used by design professionals.


DES 330T: Furniture Experiments
Instructor: Scott Witthoft
Description: Explores using furniture both as a medium and an outcome in response to a wide variety of experiements.

DES 330T: Internet as Form
Instructor: Sam Lavigne
Description: Explores the many esoteric possibilities of online expression, approaching the internet through the lens of experimentation, design and performance.

DES 334: Intro to Interaction Design
Instructors: Sam Lavigne and James Walker
Description: Studio course. Projects introduce theories, methods, and techniques for designing time-based and interactive experiences, including video, motion graphics, and web/mobile applications.

DES 335: Typography II
Instructors: Alyson Beaton/Kelcey Gray
Description: Studio course. Students use typographic principles to design complex print and on-screen publications.

DES 336: History of Design
Instructors: Monica Penick
Description: Lecture/seminar course. Surveys the history of graphic and/or industrialdesign from c.1450 to the present, with an emphasis on the last 150 years.

DES 337: American Design and the Law
Carma Gorman
Description: Explores the roles that US laws and standards have played in shaping American industrial design.

DES 340C: Identity Systems
Instructor: Jason Wilkins
Description: Examine the relationship between business and graphic design to simplify, unify, and amplify a brand's identity in a studio format.

DES 340D: Brand Storytelling
Instructor: Jason Wilkins
Description: Examine the relationships between research, strategy, identity, human-centered design, and storytelling to articulate and communicate a brand's purpose in a studio format.

DES 341G: Typography III
Kelcey Gray
Description: Studio course. Advanced projects in typography; introduction to type design, material explorations, environmental type design, and expressive distortion.

DES 346: Project Studio (wkrm)
Instructor: Jon Freach
Description: Studio course. Professional experience solving real-world problems, including commissioned projects, student-initiated projects and/or pro bono projects.

DES 347: Publication Studio
Instructor: Kevin Auer
Description: Studio course. Advanced publishing projects in print and/or digital media.

DES 354: Design Issues
Instructor: Carma Gorman
Description: Lecture/seminar course. Students engage with contemporary issues in design through reading, discussion, and writing.

DES 358C: Industrial Design I
Instructor: Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness
Description: Explore methods and techniques for industrial design.

DES 360: Design Internship
Instructor: Alyson Beaton
Description: Introduces students to ethical standards and professional practices in design; requires completion of an approved professional internship.

DES 371: Design Practicum
Instructor: Alyson Beaton
Description: Lecture/internship course. Resume and portfolio preparation; discussion of professional ethics and responsibilities; professional internship.

DES 375: Capstone Design Exhibition
Jason Wilkins and Kelcey Gray
Description: Studio course. Students collaboratively curate, design, and install a senior BFA exhibition, and publish collateral materials that publicly showcase their capstone projects.

DES 376: Independent Study: Design
Instructor: Design faculty
Description: Student-defined projects completed under faculty supervision.

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