Associate Professor of Practice, Design

Jon Freach has worked in design and design management for over 25 years. As the former Executive Director of Design Research at frog, Freach provided organizational leadership and mentorship to a global community of design researchers. In practice, he utilizes a variety of design research methods to help clients and project teams better understand what makes people tick, applying this insight to the design of products and services to create meaningful and lasting interactions. He’s served a diverse set of clientele from many industries including healthcare, financial services, automotive, technology, education, energy, and retail.

Freach is also a founding professor at the Austin Center for Design (ac4d) and has taught and lectured about design and innovation at a number of universities including Harvard Business School, The University of Texas McCombs School of Business, Southern Methodist University, and CEDIM (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño) in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, he is a lecturer at The University of Texas School of Design and Creative Technologies where he created the first introductory curriculum for design thinking.

Jon has published widely in the design and business communities, and frequently speaks on the subject of design methods and design research. His articles have appeared in Fast Company, The Atlantic, Interactions Magazine, and Design Mind.

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