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Who We Are

Welcome to SDCT

The School of Design and Creative Technologies provides transformative educational experiences and opportunities that shape ambitious thinkers for a dynamic future. We are part of a top Tier One research university embedded in a vibrant creative community deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our industry-focused approach combined with research fuses design thinking with emerging technologies, so students are prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world. Here, we value diversity in all forms and encourage our students to push beyond where their creative boundaries stand today to make an impact on the generation of tomorrow.

We have two degree-granting programs: the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies and the Department of Design, as well as programming open to all UT students through the Center for Integrated Design.

"Our goal is to prepare students for the jobs of today and the future."

— Doreen Lorenzo, SDCT Assistant Dean

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From Tall Ladders to Wiz Khalifa: Professor Matt Smith’s Destiny to Design

Arts and Entertainment Technologies professor Matt Smith and student Jayden Chavez smile at the camera while programming lighting at the 2022 Bee Cave BuzzFest
October 3, 2023

On the first day of his high school technical theater class, Professor Matt Smith’s teacher pointed up. 17-year-old Smith craned his head back to the theater’s high ceiling and observed what would be life-changing light fixtures. His teacher informed the class that, simply put, people have careers in designing the movement and placement of lights.

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Kaleena Sales speaking on "For the Culture: How Identity Influences Design" to students at the School of Design and Creative Technologies at UT Austin

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We welcome thinkers, makers, and innovators of all backgrounds who are looking for a place to thrive and share ideas.

Master of Arts in Design focused on Health Class of 2023 graduates making the hook em hand sign outside the Kendra Scott Center

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Mentoring, portfolio reviews, and speaking engagements are all contributions that inspire our students to unlock their professional potential.

AET students in light-up costumes during Ride the Synthwave event in 2022, sponsored by Nelda Studios

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