Is this Industrial Design?

No. Integrated design is something different, though some of our classes do include elements of industrial design. Take our ITD 101: Introduction to Integrated Design course if you want to learn more about this emerging field of study.

How is this different than courses offered in the Department of Design?

At CID, we're focused on teaching human-centered design methodology, also known as Design Thinking. This does not necessarily encompass the technical design skills that you would learn if you would pursue a B.A. or B.F.A. through the Department of Design, but rather the broader problem-solving methods that designers employ. Anyone can apply these methods to anything they're doing, whether they're studying design or physics or Japanese. Because we're teaching more soft skills and methodologies rather than technical skills specific to designers in particular, we stand apart from the Department of Design. Because of this, we tend to offer very different courses that are equally beneficial to designers and anyone in other fields alike.

Our courses are also open to any undergraduate of any major and are meant to be highly interdisciplinary.

Can I major in this?

We do not offer an undergraduate major at this time, though we do have a transcriptable Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP) certificate in Design Strategies that you can pursue in conjunction with your major. All of our ITD courses count toward the certificate.

Where can I find information about the Design Strategies BDP?

The BDP office has the entire certificate plan available on their website.

How do I apply for the Design Strategies BDP?

You have to apply through the BDP office, not through CID. We created the certificate in conjunction with BDP, but we don’t administer it. You'll find instructions on how to apply here.

Do I have to be pursuing the BDP to take your courses?

Not at all. You can take whichever courses you want as long as you qualify. Note that some have prerequisites and/or applications.

Do you have VAPA courses? Flagged courses? Signature courses?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We hope to have our first VAPA offerings approved soon.

Why is your course prefix "ITD" and not "CID?"

Because the "CID" course prefix was already taken by a different unit on campus when we launched the program! We chose to use "ITD" for InTegrated Design instead. (Sometimes that's the best you can do.)

Can I pursue a graduate degree in integrated design or design strategies through CID?

Not at this time. We do not currently offer any graduate degrees through CID. Keep an eye out for future graduate offerings, though.

Can a graduate student take your undergraduate off-site courses?

No, but thank you for your interest.

Can I audit an off-site course?

No, but thank you for your interest.

Can I audit an on-campus course?

Email the instructor for approval to audit the course. We may not have enough chairs available in the room to accommodate you.

Can a graduate student enroll in your on-campus undergraduate courses?

No. As of Spring 2019, we no longer allow graduate students to enroll in any of our undergraduate courses. If you enroll in one of our undergraduate courses as a graduate student anyway, we reserve the right to drop you from the course in order to better accommodate our students pursuing the undergraduate Design Strategies BDP certificate.

Are you offering a graduate portfolio program?

Not at this time, but maybe in the future.

Are there graduate courses in CID that I can take?

Yes! We started offering graduate courses in Fall 2018, though the offerings and frequency of such grad courses may vary by semester. In other words, we may not be offering graduate courses every semester. You'll have to check the schedule to find out.

Are there opportunities to UA or TA with CID?

Possibly! Send us an email at to check. Sometimes we have opportunities for grad students with relevant experience to TA our courses if our undergraduate course enrollments merit it.

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