AET Courses Fall 2019

SDCT intern Michaela Newman tries virtual reality for the first time

AET 101: Colloquium I
Instructor: Yuliya Lanina
Description: Guest artists, scientists, developers, and corporate leaders present on subjects applicable to arts and entertainment technologies.

AET 304: Foundations of Art and Entertainment Technologies
Instructor: David Cohen
Description: Broad overview of digital media technologies, software and applications associated with the intersection of the arts and technology. Introduction to the core concepts of the four emphases of the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies: Music and Sound; Performance, Lighting and Interactivity (PLAI); Game Design and Digital Visualization. Also considers the cultural, philosophical, ethical and practical aspects of entertainment technology.

AET 305: Foundations of Music Technology
Instructor: Monte Taylor
Description: Historical perspective of music technology supported by a hands-on focus on modern digital technologies that comprise the world of electronic music, including MIDI, the digital audio workstation, digital signal processing, virtual instruments, digital audio systems, recording, effects and internet distribution.

AET 306: Foundations of Digital Imaging and Visualization
Instructor: Greg Hervey
Description: An introduction to digital graphic art software and practices including aesthetics, design, production, and publishing.

AET 310: Foundations of Creative Coding
Instructor: TBD
Description: A guide for expressing original ideas directly in computer code using the graphics language Processing. Examines the making of computer tools for implementing artistic visions. Explores the computer’s role as an artist’s medium in the context of major ideas in contemporary art.

AET 315: Foundations of Design
Instructor: TBD
Description: An introduction to design process, formal design principles, visual storytelling, and concept ideation.

AET 316C: Foundations of Projection, Lighting, and Interactivity
Instructor: Matthew Smith
Description: Foundations of lighting, projection and interactivity (PLAI), including entertainment lighting fixtures, show control and media servers.

AET 318C: Foundations of Video Game Development
Instructor: David Cohen
Description: An introduction to the process of creating games from concept through publishing including aesthetics, design and production.

AET 319: Production Lab I
Instructor: David Tolin
Description: Collaborate, plan, problem-solve, and complete production crew tasks as a team, in and around a performance venue.


AET 320D: Musical Acoustics
Instructor: James Gelb
Description: Explores the science of sound and how musical instruments work as well as principles of musical scales, hearing, architectural acoustics, and electronic music.

AET 321C: Audio Processing
Instructor: Chris Ozley
Description: Explores the use of sound-shaping tools, convolution reverb, noise reduction, pitch and time editing to make precise corrections to audio files.

AET 320G: Audio Coding I
Instructor: Chris Ozley
Description: Creation and programming of audio and music software and algorithms in Max/MSP.

AET 323D: Interactive Music
Instructor: Jack Stamps
Description: Create real-time interactive music using Ableton Live and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) controllers.

AET 323E: Video Game Audio I
Instructor: TBD
Description: Practical sound and music applications exploring techniques specific to developing game audio.

AET 324C: Intro to Drawing
Instructor: Yuliya Lanina
Description: An introduction to the foundations of traditional and digital drawing.

AET 324D: Principles of Animation
Instructor: TBD
Description: An introduction to the principles of animation for 2D and 3D graphics.

AET 324F: Videography
Instructor: Neal Daugherty
Description: An introduction to mobile and smart device video capture, storytelling, and editing.

AET 324J: Visual Storytelling
Instructor: Neal Daugherty
Description: An introduction to digital visual storytelling.

AET 324K: Web Design and Interaction
Instructor: Greg Hervey
Description: An introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery web design and interaction.

AET 324P: Advanced Production Lab
Instructor: Earnest Mazique

AET 325C: Intro to 2D Animation
Neal Daugherty
Description: An introduction to 2D animation, visualization, production techniques, and practice.

AET 326C: 3D Modeling and Texturing
Instructor: Isaac Oster
Description: An introduction to 3D modeling and texturing techniques used in game development and visualization.

AET 326D: 3D Materials and Lighting
Instructor: Isaac Oster
Description: An introduction to surfacing 3D game models using state of the art workflows and tools.

AET 327: Advanced 3D Modeling
Instructor: Dax Norman
Description: Continued exploration of methods and procedures used in the professionalproduction of 3-D modeling, animation, and visual effects, including advanced modeling techniques, advanced surfacing techniques, specularity, sequenced mapping, and 3-D digital printing.

AET 329E: Design Skills: Lighting
Instructor: Ann Wrightson
Description: An introduction to the field of lighting design. Explore different design methodologies to create a lighting design for live performances.

AET 329F: Interactive Lighting Environments
Instructor: Matt Smith
Description: In-depth investigation of live entertainment technology, including topics such as advanced media server programming, advanced lighting applications, and advanced 3D projection mapping.

AET 331: Computer Music Programming I
Instructor: Nina Young
Description: Concepts and principals of programming MIDI and audio signals using Max/MSP, MIDI, and audio IO systems, design and organization of Max/MSP programs, algorithms, and techniques to manipulate data and sound.

AET 334E: Video Game Art Pipeline
Instructor: Michael Baker
Description: An introduction to creating and working with game ready assets in 2D and 3D.

AET 334F: Video Game Scripting I
Instructor: TBD
Description: Introduction to scripting interactive content for games using an industry-standard scripting language and game engine.

AET 334K: Video Game Prototyping
Instructor: MJ Johns
Description: Exploration of rapid prototyping techniques for video game art and design using ideation, storyboarding, pitching, prototyping, testing, and documentation.

AET 334L: UI/UX for Video Games
Instructor: MJ Johns
Description: An introduction to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for video games.

AET 337: Writing for Interactive Games
Instructor: Susan O'Connor
Description: Exploration of game creation as a multi-threaded narrative story. Students create, write, edit, and refine game stories and game dialogue and build small game scenarios using a variety of game design software platforms.

AET 339: Digital Painting
Instructor: Dax Norman

AET 339: Digital Production Art: 3D
Instructor: Dax Norman

AET 339: Creek Monster Project
Instructor: Justin Johnson & Karen Maness

AET 339: Escape Room Project
Instructor: Justin Johnson

AET 341C: Virtual Instruments
Instructor: Jack Stamps
Description: An introduction to the concepts and current trends of virtual instruments to produce, arrange and orchestrate musical ideas in a variety of contemporary musical settings.

AET 341D: Digital Musicianship
Instructor: Jack Stamps
Description: Exploration of Digital Audio Workstation-based music theory that reinforces the theoretical concepts of popular music styles through hands-on practice.

AET 344F: Design Skills: Projection
Instructor: Sven Ortel
Description: Introduction to the creative and technical design process in the field of projection design for live performances.

AET 345E: Design Skills: Digital Experiences
Instructor: Michael McKellar
Description: An introduction to the field of experience design. Explore different design methodologies to create a digital experience.

AET 345G: Responsive Environments
Instructor: Michael McKellar
Description: Study the intersection between user engagement and content manipulation with insight into creating large, room-scale interactive experiences.

AET 347D: Generative Media
Instructor: Michael McKellar
Description: Provides the foundations and targeted instruction for students wanting to expand their research into the creation and generation of real-time visuals for live events with personalized interactive systems and video jockey (VJ) software.

AET 348C: Live Event Engineering
Instructor: Matthew Smith
Description: Study the integration and interoperability of playback and control systems commonly utilized in live entertainment environments.

AET 348G: Media Design/Technology
Instructor: Sven Ortel
Description: Investigate design challenges in-depth, in the field of Media and Projection Design.

AET 351: Live Audio Mixing
 Carolina Perez
Description: Project in live audio for concerts, performances, theatre, or other productions. Includes setup, engineering, live-capture, and mixing of live productions in the field.

AET 351: Audio Production Lab
Instructor: Carolina Perez
Description: Individual or team projects in audio production for live performance.


AET 372: Senior Design Projects I
Instructor: Yuliya Lanina
Description: Creation of a project within a team, with the guidance and advice of faculty members. Industry and faculty members can sponsor these projects.

AET 374: Independent Study
Instructor: AET Faculty
Description: Independent study or research in AET.

AET 376: Game Capstone: 2D
Instructor: Paul Toprac
Description: Group project developing a working 2D game.

AET 378: Senior Thesis I
Instructor: AET Faculty
Description: Large-scale senior project.

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