four columns, each featuring a screenshot of AET student work in PLAI, game design, music and digital visualization
AET 304 Foundations of AET

Faculty:  Honoria Starbuck, Chris Ozley, Matt Smith
Unique Number: 21755

An introduction to the wide range of AET offerings taught by experts in the fields of sound design, visualization, projection, lighting, and game design.

four panels: two feature blocks of code and two feature the resulting colorful graphics. Text reads: "Creative coding"
AET 310 Foundations of Creative Coding

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 21780

An introduction to applied computational thinking and logical processes for solving technical problems with creative solutions.

collage of step-by-step guides to creating certain technical art effects
AET 319 Art & Content

Faculty: Neal Daugherty & Bill Byrne
Unique Number: 21806, 21804

An introduction to effective visual storytelling with 2D and 3D digital content.

background: rocky surface with cave painting of many hands. foreground: three silver computer-generated 3D hands
AET 319 Design & Interactivity

Faculty: David Cohen & Honoria Starbuck
Unique Number: 21807, 21808

An introduction to user-centered design process, interactivity, and game design. 

split frame: left side shows projection mapping on scale model of UT Austin tower and right panel shows projection and lighting at a live dance performance, centering on a dancer with arms above head
AET 319 Media & Technology

Faculty: Jessie Contour
Unique Number: 21814, 21813

An introduction to computer technologies, software systems, physical computing, and content production.

a cube; each face is a different visual demonstration of generative audio processing
AET 319 Sound & Space

Faculty: Matt Smith & Kyle Evans
Unique Number: 21818, 21819

An introduction to dynamic sound, lighting, and video projection for screens and spaces.

screenshot of four different colored buffers in Abelton
AET 320G Audio Coding I

Faculty: Chris Ozley
Unique Number: 21825

This course presents programming methods for MIDI and audio signal processing in the powerful music and audio, visual interface language Max/MSP — no programming experience required! Students will learn how to manage audio signal flow and communications with external devices such as keyboard controllers, pedals and other sensors. The course will cover the creation of systems for musical interactivity in live performance and immersive sound installation applications and will cover integration with Ableton Live — no experience in Ableton required!

close up of a hand turning a dial on an Ableton Push, a MIDI and track pad controller for electronic music. the Push lights up red
AET 323D Interactive Music

Faculty: Chris Ozley
Unique Number: 21835

Explores the techniques of modern electronic dance music (EDM) improvisation through the use of the Ableton Push 2 Controller as a live, performable instrument. The aim of the course is to explore the improvisational and interactive aspects of modern electronic music while studying work of visionaries of the EDM world. Students will learn the principles of sequencing beats and playing drums, the principles of drum variations, sequential melodies live audio recording, routing, sidechaining, warping and will demonstrate the principles of live EDM performance. 

light blue graphic with black 2D rendition of Newton's cradle
AET 324D Principles of Animation

Faculty: Lucas Dimick
Unique Number: 21845

Animation can bring characters, objects, and graphics to life. It’s the backbone of the computer graphics industry and plays an important role in film, visual effects, games, and motion graphics. This course is an introduction to the principles of animation for 2D and 3D systems. Students will use various techniques to convey a sense of weight, emotion, and story for simple and complex objects in both 2D and 3D.

concept art for a mythical creature named Bjaver, a large humanoid warrior beaver. art includes full-body, head shot, profile, skull, and accessories
AET 324E Concepts of Visual Style

Faculty: Neal Daugherty
Unique Number: 21849

This course will expand on student’s existing conceptual skills and further develop them to produce a clear and well-conceived visual vocabulary of artistic style, character development, environment design, and presentation strategies. The ultimate goals of this course is to prepare the student with the fundamentals of conceptual artistic style and applying it to the techniques of concept art. These new skills and concepts will empower the student so that they may be able to network with programmers, producers, and other artists. The student will be graded on their individual personal development. Individual and group instruction will address needs for proper presentation to the class and prospective collaborations.

collage of stills from popular video games, such as Minecraft. text reads "game modding"
AET 326C 3D Modeling & Texturing

Faculty: Isaac Oster
Unique Number: 21870, 21874

Students will use hard surface and organic modeling workflows, modern texturing techniques, and physically-based shaders to create efficient assets based on clear content goals.

screenshot of back-end of video game in progress. in center text reads "prototype" over a smiling stick figure
AET 333K Video Game Prototyping

Faculty: MJ Johns
Unique Number: 21889

Rapid creation and iteration of small interdisciplinary projects. In this class you'll bring skills you've learned in 2D or 3D art, sound and music, game design, and game scripting, and work in small interdisciplinary teams to create interactive projects using a variety of industry-standard tools such as Unity.

screenshot of back-end of video game creation process in Unity
AET 334C Level Design

Faculty: MJ Johns
Unique Number: 21888

Design and build interactive 2D or 3D game levels (game maps) using an industry standard tool such as Unity or Unreal. Students will also learn the design pipeline for creating levels from concept and layout, to whitebooxing, creating and integrating environment art and sound, worldbuilding, and adding simple scripted interactions, animations, sound effects, and VFX. This course also touches on the different design process for small indie games compared to big AAA games and you will have the opportunity to design a level for an existing game as well as for your own game ideas. 

block of code under the resulting 3D rendering in Unity. text reads "game scripting"
AET 334F Video Game Scripting I

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 21895

Discover how games do the things they do through this intro to game scripting. Learn how to program games using C# with Unity 3D, one of the game industry standards. Topics include character movement, environmental systems, AI, procedural generation, UI, and more.

screenshot of back-end of UX/UI creation process in Unity
AET 334L UI/UX for Video Games

Faculty: MJ Johns
Unique Number: 21900

Learn to design and create a user flow for a digital experience and conduct user research and user testing, make wireframes for user interface layouts, design and create UI art and animations for buttons, fonts, and icons, make mock-ups and prototypes in Figma, and integrate UI art and sound effects to create a fully interactive and animated interface in Unity (and others!)

LED lights make a red, green, and blue pattern of star and cross-like shapes
AET 339 Audio Reactive Visuals

Faculty: Bill Byrne
Unique Number: 21904

Hands-on programming and design methods will be utilized as students will develop their own presentations of generative art from music and sound.

a behind-the-scenes look at animating 3D robot hands in realtime
AET 339 Game Character Animation

Faculty: Kyle Chittenden
Unique Number: 21921

In this course, students will learn the process of creating 3D gameplay animations, techniques to improve their animation workflow, and how to implement their animations into Unreal Engine.

street view of a neon sign that reads "What is your story?" hanging in a large window
AET 339 Intro to Narrative

Faculty: Paula Rogers
Unique Number: 21922

An overview of narrative principles with an emphasis on analysis, including film, television, short stories, and interactive stories. Class will not involve creative projects, but instead will focus on discussion and critical analysis of given works.

a large pink curtain billowing in the wind
AET 339 Scenic Art & Environment Rendering

Faculty: Karen Maness
Unique Number: 21925

Creators of The FOMO Factory immersive pop-up art exhibit standing in front of their temporary building in Austin, Texas. Photo from the Austin Chronicle
AET 339 Immersive Pop-Ups

Faculty: Kyle Evans
Unique Number: 21909

Take your immersive art ideas into the wild! In Immersive Pop-Ups, students will create renegade public projection art and guerrilla-style sound installations around campus. Topics include on-the-fly projection mapping, real-time video effects, and multi-channel audio production.

camera filming a livestream concert
AET 339 Livestream Event Design

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 21917

close up of handheld video game controller in purple lighting
AET 339 Next Level Arcade

Faculty: Jessie Contour
Unique Number: 21923

In this course students will work in teams to plan, design, develop, and fabricate custom arcade games and their accompanying cabinets. Students may be responsible for game design and development, custom controls with knobs and/or joysticks (or other inputs), or the fabrication of the cabinet including use of laser cutting/CNC of wood, designing/printing/mounting custom vinyl designs, and assembly. Students will produce two polished projects with accompanying documentation to be installed and exhibited in the AET Arcade.

2D art of a yellow humanoid character with no defined features next to a blazing fire. the character's arm is raised
AET 339 Motion & Animation

Faculty: Neal Daugherty
Unique Number: 21924

This project-based class provides fundamental motion and animation foundations with targeted instruction for creatives wanting to expand their research into digital motion, animation techniques, motion graphics, and other temporal processes. This course will examine the technical and conceptual aspects of motion and animation using pen and pencil drawings, video/film capture, digital drawing, and industry level graphic art software. Topics include: frame, cut-out, paper-craft animation(s), basic sound editing, storyboarding, and presentation strategies.

full-color rendering of a spaceship taking off over an ocean, rocky cliffs in foreground. colorful sunset in background
AET 339 Virtual Production

Faculty: Deepak Chetty
Unique Number: 21928

This class dives into Unreal Engine to create linear cinematic media. We will also focus on learning hardware such as Facial Performance Capture (LiveLink + MetaHumans) and Body Performance Capture systems using industry standard systems (VICON) and workflows in the RTF lab. Students will experiment with tracked cameras for In-Camera VFX (a green-screen version of The Mandalorian tech) and live, Virtual Cinematography. The end result of the course is using real-time rendering to create a short film inside of Unreal Engine. 

photo of statue in front of Disneyland of Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse's hand
AET 339 Themed Entertainment Design

Faculty: Mk Haley
Unique Number: 21927

Understanding best practices behind the design of themed entertainment experiences through a variety of lectures, group projects, and individual study. Topics covered include: Placemaking, Spectacles, Brainstorming, Interactive & Immersive Theater, Collaboration, Story, and Re-Imagining the Museum Experience.

undergraduate student presents design during portfolio critique
AET 339 Portfolio Development

Faculty: TBD
Unique Number: 21911

Portfolio Development will focus on creating projects and case studies for your portfolio. Whether you want to redesign an existing project, refine and create a case study for a project nearing completion, or even create a project from scratch, this semester-long course will help you accomplish that.

a chorus line of dancers in suits and top hats posing onstage with a large fan backdrop
AET 339 Business of Entertainment

Faculty: Natasha Davison
Unique Number: 21903

Course explores the fundamentals of producing entertainment from inspiration to execution as well as all aspects involved in producing live stage and on screen commercial productions.

woman with mask on sitting alone amongst many rows of open tables
AET 339 Nimble Design for Tough Times

Faculty: Mk Haley
Unique Number: 21912

Students will explore real-world design challenges in a world where safety and social distancing have tightened up our interactions and technology has expanded it.

hand holding a mobile phone with a game application pulled up
AET 339 Mobile Game Design

Faculty: Tyler Coleman
Unique Number: 21913

In Mobile Games Design, we'll discuss the history & trends of the mobile game space while also working on projects we will try to release on the Google Play Store during the semester.

hands typing on a computer and moving a mouse. the keys on the keyboard are backlit by rainbow LED lights
AET 339 Game System Design

Faculty: Tyler Coleman
Unique Number: 21914

An introduction to game systems in a myriad of structures used commonly today. Create and apply play systems which establish the framework for user experience and content design. 

mixed reality app showing facts about ancient Greek pottery
AET 339 Mixed Reality for the Masses

Faculty: Jose Kozan
Unique Number: 21916

An introduction to augmented reality platforms and hands-on development of social media AR for Instagram and Snapchat, and AR experiences delivered via the web (WebAR). Students will explore creative AR interactions with 3D models, animated characters, sound assets, and visual effects, to promote learning opportunities and branded marketing.

UT Austin student animating for the 2019 VR Game Jam at the School of Design and Creative Technologies
AET 339 Leveling Up: Animation

Faculty: Kyle Chittenden
Unique Number: 21918

This course is focused on creating game-ready 3D animation assets in Maya with an emphasis on characters, props, cameras, and creatures.

a hand drawing a typeface on a backlit desk
AET 339 Drawing for Designers

Faculty: Yuliya Lanina
Unique Number: 21919

An introduction to the drawing techniques and methods used in the field of design.

hands holding a mini golf club preparing to hit a golf ball
AET 339 Storytelling with Mini Golf

Faculty: Mk Haley
Unique Number: 21926

An exploration of immersive interactive storytelling through the medium of putt-putt. A combination of best practices, history, general themed entertainment principles, some simulation of the possibilities, and some practical builds if working together is feasible in the Fall semester.

photo of interior lobby at Gensler Austin office featuring large TV wall
AET 339 UT-Gensler DXD Studio

Faculty: Yuliya Lanina
Unique Number: 21929

Create real content for a real client! This experience is meant to build on your acquired knowledge and skills to facilitate the creation of a collaborative visual project for the large-scale LED Media Wall within the Gensler Austin lobby. Students will work in small teams with Gensler’s Digital Experience Design studio to create compelling visual content suitable for their lobby. Junior and Senior Level only

graphic of MIDI grid. text reads "music theory for electronic music producers: the producer's guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid."
AET 341D Digital Musicianship

Faculty: Sam Lipman
Unique Number: 21935

The producer's guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid.

two stills from different live events that showcase projection mapping and lighting techniques. text reads "AET 348C: Live Event Engineering"
AET 348C Live Event Engineering

Faculty: Matt Smith
Unique Number: 21945

This course examines a variety of design elements controlled over live entertainment networks, including hardware and software components and how they communicate with one another to execute a variety of designs. Students will learn how to utilize the Hog4 console in both the traditional and nontraditional workflows and have hands-on training with lighting fixtures from High End Systems, as well as a variety of projection playback software and hardware. This course will combine programming techniques, technical research, and design process.

AET senior students collaborating on their senior design project in a UT Austin classroom
AET 372 Senior Design Project

Faculty: David Cohen, Paula Rogers, Jessie Contour, & Jose Kozan
Unique Number: 21965, 21969

This experience is meant to build on your acquired knowledge and skills and facilitate creation of a collaborative team project that would serve as a calling card to future employers or graduate schools.

screenshot of character in original web-based platform game
AET 376 Game Capstone: 2D

Faculty: Paul Toprac
Unique Number: 21975

The culminating experience of the University of Texas at Austin’s Game Development and Design Program is the Capstone Course. This course brings together students from different disciplines who work together in small teams of 5-8 to develop 2D and 3D games. The class reflects the realities of the industry: people with diverse talents collaborating together to meet a deadline.

hands holding a lamp made up of pentagonal panels that light up purple and orange
AET 378H Honors Thesis

Faculty: N/A
Unique Number: 21981

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