About Spellslingers

Welcome to the International Multidimensional Wizard Tournament! Competitors from far and wide have come to test their mettle through magical dueling.

You are a wizard locked in an intense battle with a rival wizard. Using a custom-designed wand outfitted with an accelerometer as a controller, prepare to duel! By waving your wand as fast as possible, build up energy to generate a spell that strikes your opponent. The more power you build up, the stronger your attack spell will be. The first wizard to lower their opponent’s health to zero wins the round. The first to win 2 rounds is victorious!

Spellslingers Video Game Cabinet with Screen On


Spellslinger Choose a Character Screen


Spellslingers Video Game Cabinet Game Start

Project Details


Aaliyah Evans- Wand hardware and VFX
Ima Esiere- Character animator
Jasmine Mitchell- Background artist and cabinet art
Max King- Cabinet and controller construction/design
Nevin Portillo- Scripter
Sarah Cheng- Character animator and UI
Sophie Toon- Scripter

Course & Professor

Next Level Arcade with Jessie Contour


Unity, Arduino


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Spellslingers Wand video game controllers