Entangled Intelligences

The team behind Entangled Intelligences posing in front of the exhibition entrance

About Entangled Intelligences

Fusebox Festival | Tyrell Gallery

​Entangled Intelligences invites visitors to experience a unique exhibition that challenges anthropocentric thinking and embraces the diverse forms of intelligence found in the natural world. Featuring works by the Ecocentric Future Lab directed by Jiabao Li and other renowned artists, this exhibition explores the dynamic range of non-human intelligences, offering a fresh perspective on our connection with the natural world.

Each artwork in Entangled Intelligences is a collaboration between the artist and an animal, demonstrating how art can transcend the human realm and foster a deeper understanding of other species. Through innovative uses of technology, unconventional materials, and intimate collaborations with animals, Entangled Intelligences urges viewers to reconsider their relationship with the environment and embrace a deeper understanding of the complex connections that bind us to the living world. The exhibition serves as both a catalyst for reflection and an invitation to reimagine our roles within the vast and interconnected tapestry of life on Earth.

Roomba vacuum with pens drawing on large sheet of paper on the floor


School of Information student Amanda Miller guiding exhibition attendee through their What Your Dog Might See virtual reality project


Project Details


Curator: Jiabao Li

Exhibiting Artists
Sputniko! & Crow
Aki Inomata & Dog & Hermit Crab
Jiabao Li & Hawaiian Bobtail Squid & Mice
Virginia L. Montgomery & Lunar Moth
Kathy High & Mouse 
Leslie and Gal & Birds
Brad Hakes & Spiders
Rachel Boutin & Cat
Amanda Miller & Dog
Channing Lester & Mycelium 
Nadine Permana & Dog

Course & Professor

Ecocentric Future Lab with Jiabao Li

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MFA Design candidate Brad Hakes painting spiders live at Entangled Intelligences exhibition