Morphology project

About Morphology

Morphology is a project developed by students Eriane Austria and Em Dryer through a partnership with Gensler design firm. This project showcases on a large media wall at Gensler's Austin office and explores the theme of interconnectedness, focusing on the relationships between Gensler, UT Austin, and the students themselves. Eriane Austria described their goal, stating they aimed to tell the "story of interconnectedness between Gensler, UT Austin, and Em and I as a team," which highlights the project's ambition to visually interpret these connections, drawing inspiration from various forms of structural and natural patterns.

Designed within a course that emphasizes creating real content for actual clients, Morphology aligns with Gensler’s branding while providing students with hands-on experience. The course, led by Yuliya Lanina, is aimed to "create real content for a real client," encouraging students to develop projects that resonate with professional contexts, offering an opportunity to apply their skills directly to industry-relevant work.

This collaboration highlights the importance of real-world experience in education, showcasing how academic projects can serve as valuable components of a student’s portfolio and career readiness. Morphology represents a practical application of academic learning, aimed at preparing students for future professional opportunities. Through this process, students gain "real-world gold," underscoring the initiative's role in enhancing their readiness for the professional world.

Morphology project, featuring staff and students with the final project
Morphology project
Morphology project, featuring two UT students

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Emma Berke

Reese Herndon

Matthew Hineman

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