Into the Mind of Pedro Linares

About Into the Mind of Pedro Linares

For their Senior Design Project, AET students Krista McLeod, Monse Sandoval-Malherbe, and Karina Trejo created an immersive installation using a combination of UV lights and surround sound. The mystical landscape included a giant “tree of life,” lit-up flora, and a pond, along with paper mache and pepakura sculptures of different forest animals painted with UV-activated paint.

Brilliant colors illuminated the alebrije sculptures, a traditional Mexican art form created by Pedro Linares through a dream.


Project Details


Julio Martinez – 3D Modelor
Krista McLeod – Fabricator & Sound Designer
Monse Sandoval-Malherbe – Fabricator & Lighting Designer
Karina Trejo – Fabricator, Illustrator & Lighting Designer

Courses & Professors

Prototype: Immersive Art Installations with Jessie Contour and Kyle Evans; Collaboration with Wonderspaces

Final Project: Senior Design Project with Matthew Smith, David (D.S.) Cohen, and Shannon Murray


Blender, Hog4pc lighting console, Garageband


Showcased at the PLAI Lab from April 14-15, 2023

Into-the-Mind-Close-up of the big alebrije and left side of the forest
Into-the-Mind-top view of the forest area