Into the Mind of Pedro Linares

About Into the Mind of Pedro Linares

A prototype of an immersive experience based around Alebrijes and how they came to be. Walk into a forest landscape that immerses the guest into the dream that inspired Pedro Linares, a Mexican artist, to create Alebrijes. Using UV lights accompanied by a mystical soundscape, the Jungle will come to life in an array of colorful chaos.

Into-the-Mind-Close-up of the big alebrije and left side of the forest


Into-the-Mind-top view of the forest area


Project Details


Julio Martinez - 3D modeling
Krista McLeod - fabrication/sound design
Monse Sandoval-Malherbe - fabrication
Karina Trejo - fabrication/illustration

Course & Professors

Immersive Art Installations with Jessie Contour and Kyle Evans
Collaboration with Wonderspaces