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Replica of a Lamborghini Countach created by Arts and Entertainment Technologies students in collaboration with Texas Performing Arts Fabrication Studios and dadalab

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  • Asterism

    View the Class of 2021 B.F.A. Design Senior Capstone Exhibition, "Asterism." 

  • Automaton

    Automaton was created for the 3D Capstone course during a single semester using agile development methodologies to simulate the game development process of a small studio. It is a Survival Horror game that follows the storyline of a girl that is looking for her missing brother in a mansion where an evil scientist resides with his rather unsuccessful experiments. 

  • Cosmic Cooking

    Cosmic Cooking is a 2D sci-fi simulation game produced for AET Senior Design Project that follows the life of an intergalactic chef, Margo. Follow her on her journey as she learns out-of-this-world recipes, explores new dimensions, and becomes the greatest chef in the universe.

  • AET Class of 2020 Showcase

    View final projects from Class of 2020 Arts and Entertainment Technologies graduates, including game design, music and sound, 2D and 3D art, and more.

  • ARRR.duino

    At the MIT Reality Hack 2022, Zane Giordano built ARRR.duino, a cross-platform AR circuit design tool designed to teach younger students how to build basic circuits with Arduino.

  • Training Warehouse for 3D Game Environment

    3D environment in Unreal Engine 5 of an old garage converted for tactical training gets additional props including a utility truck and structural details to ready it for use in an FPS game. 

  • UT Tower 3D Projection Mapping

    A 3D projection-mapped, interactive model of The Tower at the University of Texas at Austin gets illuminated with '80s synthwave graphics and an interactive dance element made possible by an Xbox Kinect.

  • Misread Signs

    Watch "Misread Signs," a multimedia performance by Yuliya Lanina, M.F.A.

  • The Making of Evolution in 2022

    Evolution is a collaborative design laboratory facilitating interdisciplinary experimentation in dance performance. Concert and event lighting designers from the School of Design and Creative Technologies join with choreographers from the Department of Theatre and Dance and composers from the Butler School of Music to create short performances.

  • In My Shoes

    In My Shoes is an interactive narrative, where the player finds themselves unraveling various cultural backgrounds as a result of choice made and ultimately broadening their horizons. It signifies the importance of diversity and the necessity of treating everyone as equals.

  • Ambrosia Princess Desk

    Independent project created with the fundamentals taught Professor Isaac Oster's 3D Materials and Lighting class. All models and textures are optimized and game-ready. Brought to life in Unreal 5 with Blueprints and Niagara particle systems.

Wide angle shot of the iconic University of Texas Tower with live projection mapping designed by students and faculty in the School of Design and Creative Technologies

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