Cat and Rat Zodiac Narrative Enclosure

About the Project

This enclosure retells the origin behind the Chinese Zodiac: the rat betrays the cat in order to deter the cat from finishing the race, with a focus on the specific moment where they choose to cross the river. The creators decided that the abbreviated version of the story is still exciting enough to fit into an enclosure. Everyone can learn more about the Chinese Zodiac from this enclosure story!

Callout Sheet showcasing the key elements of iteration and interaction, highlighting the concept and creation process of Cat and Rat Chinese Zodiac


Storyboard of Cat and Rat Zodiac interactions


Iterated Enclosure Construction now including Raft, character pieces, and Copper Tape to trigger servos

Project Details


Lizzie Li — Coding, Hardware, Storyboard and Concept Artist, Enclosure Construction
Evelyn Valdez — Hardware, Enclosure Construction, Enclosure Aesthetics

Class & Professor

Media and Technology with Professor Jessie Contour



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Image of Cat and Rat Chinese Zodiac Narrative Enclosure created in Professor Jessie Contour's Media and Technology class