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Replica of a Lamborghini Countach created by Arts and Entertainment Technologies students in collaboration with Texas Performing Arts Fabrication Studios and dadalab

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  • Entangled Intelligences

    Premiering at Fusebox Festival, Entangled Intelligences invited visitors to experience a unique exhibition that challenges anthropocentric thinking and embraces the diverse forms of intelligence found in the natural world. Featuring works by the Ecocentric Future Lab directed by Design Professor Jiabao Li and other renowned artists.

  • Once a Glacier

    Once a Glacier is a VR film that tells the story of a relationship between a girl and a glacier. As the girl grows older, the existence of the ice is threatened, and the viewer is taken on a journey through her seemingly futile efforts to protect what was once an entire glacier. 


  • Qualified Immunity

    Qualified Immunity, a single-player 2D isometric mystery-solving game where the player takes on the role of a young, new police officer in Colander City. As the player works through the cases assigned to them, they will slowly uncover secrets rooted deep within the police department itself, pushing the player to make decisions and compromise between morality and justice.

  • In My Shoes

    In My Shoes is an interactive narrative, where the player finds themselves unraveling various cultural backgrounds as a result of choice made and ultimately broadening their horizons. It signifies the importance of diversity and the necessity of treating everyone as equals.

  • Cosmic Cooking

    Cosmic Cooking is a 2D sci-fi simulation game produced for AET Senior Design Project that follows the life of an intergalactic chef, Margo. Follow her on her journey as she learns out-of-this-world recipes, explores new dimensions, and becomes the greatest chef in the universe.

  • VJ Battle 2017: Audiopixelcollider

    Audiopixelcollider was the College of Fine Arts' first VJ Battle, a live performance by visual artists and lighting designers showcasing their VJing skills to original, student-produced music.

  • Live Event Engineering Class Presentations

    In Matt Smith's Fall 2019 Live Event Engineering class, students programmed light and projection shows to a song of their choice. Watch some of the presentations in this compilation video.

  • AET Livestream Event

    Watch the Spring 2021 AET Livestream Event featuring music, animation, gameplay, video & more.

Wide angle shot of the iconic University of Texas Tower with live projection mapping designed by students and faculty in the School of Design and Creative Technologies

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