2019 B.F.A. and M.F.A. Design Exhibitions

View some of the incredible work from the B.F.A. Design exhibition, Future Tense, and M.F.A. Design exhibition, Work for Progress, on display at the Visual Arts Center throughout April 2019.

Main signage for Future Tense, the BFA Design exhibition

Welcome to Future Tense

The student designers for Future Tense, the BFA design exhibition

Meet the Designers

BFA candidate Adraint Bereal showcasing his exhibition, Design Sprint Lab

B.F.A. Candidate Adraint Bereal

BFA candidate exhibition The Most Wanted Chinese Mythology Creatures challenges the stereotype that Asian Americans are "model minorities"

The Most Wanted Chinese Mythology Creatures

Group of students pose in front of BFA candidate exhibition Outpost, a place marginalized students can go to find meal kits

Students in front of Outpost

Future Tense attendee interacts with BFA candidate project, Fear Your Mind?

Fear Your Mind?

Main signage for Work for Progress, the MFA Design exhibition

Welcome to Work for Progress

Q: What happens when a musician, a bike advocate, an interaction designer, and a museum lover walk into an MFA design program? A: This.

Work for Progress Description

MFA candidate stands in front of her MFA exhibition, Objectifying Art

Objectifying Art

MFA candidate putting the final touches on their exhibition in spring 2019 at the Visual Arts Center

M.F.A. Candidate and Exhibition

MFA candidate with his exhibition, Panoptica


Attendees interacting with project at Spring 2019 MFA exhibition Work for Progress

Work for Progress Attendees