About Automaton

Automaton was created for the 3D Capstone course under the assignment of making a 3D game during a single semester using agile development methodologies, which essentially simulated the game development process of a small studio. It is a Survival Horror game that follows the storyline of a girl that is looking for her missing brother in a mansion where an evil scientist resides with his rather unsuccessful experiments. 

What are you most proud of for this project?

Of all the learning and accomplishments we gained from this project, our pride rests in its overall completion. Our end product was more than we could've asked for, and it feels good to have the experience from this game and class under our belt. 

Any tips or advice you have for incoming/current AET Majors that really helped you?

Don’t be afraid to get involved in things that really pique your interest just because you feel inexperienced. There’s always room for learning. 

AET '22 graduate Nat Briceno headshot

Nat Brinceno, AET 2022, Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Scrum Master 

still image from Automaton, an original game created by AET students. a large table with ornate chairs sits under a chandelier in a creepy, dark mansion that's supposedly abandoned

Project Details


Nat Briceno (AET '22) — Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Scrum Master
Christopher Rice (Computer Science '22) — Programmer, Game Designer
Dani Amir (Computer Science '23) — Programmer
Eduardo Monroy (AET '22) — 3D Artist
Jackson Goodall (AET '22) — Sound Designer, Music Composer, Narrative Designer
Mark Salinas (AET '22) — Programmer, Game Designer
Steven Callahan (Computer Science '23) — Programmer
Tasmiah Islam (AET '23) — 2D Artist

Course & Professor  

3D Game Capstone with Professor Paul Toprac 


Unity, Adobe Creative Cloud, Maya, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Fusion 360, Logic Pro X, wWise, GitHub 


Play the Game

Screenshot of Level UP video. Logo for Level UP event overlaid on "UT Tower Projection Map" by AET '22 graduates

Level UP was a collaborative showcase including UT students across Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Game Design and Development, Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film.

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