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Replica of a Lamborghini Countach created by Arts and Entertainment Technologies students in collaboration with Texas Performing Arts Fabrication Studios and dadalab

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  • The Making of Evolution in 2022

    Evolution is a collaborative design laboratory facilitating interdisciplinary experimentation in dance performance. Concert and event lighting designers from the School of Design and Creative Technologies join with choreographers from the Department of Theatre and Dance and composers from the Butler School of Music to create short performances.

  • Woodland Digital Pet

    This little stump holds an even tinier mouse friend inside! As a semester-long independent study, Nada Aburayyan set out to create a digital friend/pet toy like the ones from her childhood and the early 2000s. Learn more about AET '22 graduate Nada Aburayyan and her project, "Woodland Digital Pet."

  • Misread Signs

    Watch "Misread Signs," a multimedia performance by Yuliya Lanina, M.F.A.

  • Ghost Hunter Hunter

    As the ghost, you can phase through walls, ceilings, and the floor to navigate your house while possessing objects to scare away ghost hunters. Successfully freaking out the ghost hunters will result in a successful night, while getting documented too much will result in your capture.

  • Live Event Engineering Class Presentations

    In Matt Smith's Fall 2019 Live Event Engineering class, students programmed light and projection shows to a song of their choice. Watch some of the presentations in this compilation video.

  • 2nd Annual VJ Battle: Audiopixelcollider

    View the highlights from UT Austin's second annual VJ Battle: Audiopixelcollider, a collaboration between the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies, the Butler School of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance.

  • VJ Battle 2017: Audiopixelcollider

    Audiopixelcollider was the College of Fine Arts' first VJ Battle, a live performance by visual artists and lighting designers showcasing their VJing skills to original, student-produced music.

Wide angle shot of the iconic University of Texas Tower with live projection mapping designed by students and faculty in the School of Design and Creative Technologies

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M.F.A. in Design alumna Chloe Gillmar wearing her Texas Design shirt and throwing up a "hook 'em" with her fellow H-E-B Digital interns from other Texas universities

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