The Making of Evolution in 2022


Evolution is a collaborative design laboratory facilitating interdisciplinary experimentation in dance performance. Concert and event lighting designers from the School of Design and Creative Technologies join with choreographers from the Department of Theatre and Dance and composers from the Butler School of Music and throughout the University to create short dance works for the concert stage. This public showcase is presented in the B. Iden Payne Theatre. 

Semester-long courses titled Concert and Event Lighting (AET), Choreography II (Theatre & Dance) and Experimental Transmedia (Butler School of Music) are offered each spring to collaborate on Evolution. The classes kick off with students openly discussing creative ideas amongst peers from different fields. As the students are pitching their visions and promoting their skills, they are also actively looking for like-minded partners to form a collaborative group. It’s this open market of creative talent that sets the stage for the rest of the semester.  

Each group spends countless hours together brainstorming and adding to each other’s expertise to bring a unified vision to life. In just three short months, the students develop the choreography, dance, costumes, music, sound, and lighting — then practice, practice, practice. The denouement is one showstopping evening in front of a live audience.

Lighting Designers 

Faculty: Chris Muenchow, School of Design and Creative Technologies 
Jonathan Amezcua and Katherine Beardsley 
Matthew Hineman and Jasper Murphy 
Jayden Chavez and Michael Colucci 
Resse Herndon 
Emily Dryer 
Kyle Kosanovich 
Nikolay Korygin 
Juan Lopez 


Faculty: Erica "EG" Gionfriddo, Department Theatre & Dance 
Samantha Anderson and Joshua Martinez 
Evan Beek and Anna Valdman 
Sabrina Blackwelder and Kayla Senter 
Karina Enriquez and Emma Valdez 
Alejandro Frederickson and Isabella Mao 
Ellie Newton and Ashleigh Taylor 
Maya Parker and Heaven Wilburn 
Jenna Weatherbie and Camille Wiltz 


Faculty: Januibe Tejera, Butler School of Music 
Samuel Lipman, School of Design and Creative Technologies 
Daniel Better 
Angel Jaimes 
Andrew Dana 
Matthew Dominguez 
Sophie Mathieu 
Dillon James and Hernan Rovner 
Tzu-Chin Hsu 
Maxwell Franko