In My Shoes

About In My Shoes

In My Shoes is an interactive narrative, where the player finds themselves unraveling various cultural backgrounds as a result of choice made and ultimately broadening their horizons. The main objective of this interactive narrative is to learn how to interact with someone different from you with your preconceived bias. We wanted to create a long-lasting experience that signifies the importance of diversity and the necessity of treating everyone as equals.

What are you most proud of for this project?

Ashley Liu: For this project, the thing I am most proud of is team collaboration. As a small team of 4, no obstacles were too hard for us to overcome. We assisted each other in times of need and were able to create a piece that we could be proud of despite our little understanding of coding. In My Shoes is proof that with the right team, nothing is impossible.

Abigail Cole: For our project In My Shoes, I am proud of how well we all worked as a team. Every team member had awesome communication, and if one of us was struggling, the others were able to help. I’m also proud of what I was able to accomplish in Unity despite being a beginner.

De’sha Bass McClellan: For this project, I’m most proud of the message that it provides. We all have preconceived biases and it’s important to learn how to embrace and accept others for their differences. This group was able to create a truly impactful piece that can start the conversation about micro-aggressions and how we can grow as a society.

Nicole Rodriguez: This project is a master class on what "small but mighty" means. Our group of 4 was able to accomplish something amazing in the span of just a couple of months. If you have a team that is passionate and willing to work, that makes all the difference.

Any tips or advice you have for incoming/current AET Majors that really helped you?

Ashley Liu: Have confidence in the pieces you create and never be afraid of taking criticism from other people. Each criticism you take will help you grow as a creator and by the time you graduate, your self-confidence will be sky-high. Because somewhere out there, there are people who love and appreciate the amazing things you create with your own two hands.”

Abigail Cole: My advice for incoming/current AET students is to not be afraid to ask your professors for help or guidance. In the beginning, I was really shy and didn’t talk to my professors, but I found that communicating with them and asking them for feedback on my work helped me improve.

De’sha Bass McClellan: Always be yourself. As an artist, you sometimes feel like you have to follow the crowd to get noticed, but in reality, being true to yourself is more important. Myself, I specialize in creating media about diversity and inclusion. That is my passion and what I want to put out in the world. If you are passionate about something, go for it no matter what. Use your passions to drive your creativity. And always be true to yourself.

Nicole Rodriguez: Be open and ask questions. There are never any downsides to asking questions! Ask! It’s the only way to improve. If you’re taking a class that doesn’t feel applicable to you or your goals, think about how you can use it to your advantage. There’s always a learning opportunity to be had. Design thinking follows you everywhere you go!

Screenshot of Level UP video. Logo for Level UP event overlaid on "UT Tower Projection Map" by AET '22 graduates

Level UP was a collaborative showcase including UT students across Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Game Design and Development, Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film.

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Project Details


Abigail Cole (AET '23) — Lead Technical Director
Ashley Liu (AET '22) — Lead Artist
De’sha Bass-McClellan (AET '22) — Lead Narrative Designer
Nicole Rodriguez (AET '22) — Project Manager, Sound Designer

Course & Professor

Senior Design Project I with Professor Shannon Murray


Illustrator, Procreate, Unity + Adventure Creator Add On,, Ableton Live

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slide with names and roles of each team member for "In My Shoes," an original video game created by AET students
Coline Garcia from In My Shoes