To separate subchapters
To indicate minor breaks
To call attention to

Threading together
A collection of ideas
Separated by space
United in the digital

To represent the
University of Texas
BFA Design Class of 2021


The University of Texas at Austin’s
Senior Design Class

Diego Allison, Marley Crawford, Susan Devane,
Ayesha Din, Cassie Dupree, Dana Faist,
Lindsay Gallagher, Alexis Garcia, Paige Giordano,
Darrina Green, Ji Hua, Annette Hui,
Natalie Iverson, Kate Jones, Kelsey Jones,
Jacob Kim, Steven Le, Claren Moyers,
Valeria Olmos, Isabelle Omelczuk, Nathalie Patajo,
Jason Ramirez-Ruiz, Isabella Russo, Vivian Seo,
Anna Sing, Lauryn Singletary, Jessica Sutherland,
Doris Tang, Ella Whitaker, Jessica Wu,
Mark Yoder, Jocelyn Yun