Ambrosia Princess Desk

About Ambrosia Princess Desk

Ambrosia Princess Desk is an independent project created with the fundamentals taught in Professor Isaac Oster's 3D Materials and Lighting class. All models and textures are optimized and game-ready. Brought to life in Unreal 5 with Blueprints and Niagara particle systems.

Prop(s) were created in Zbrush, Maya, Fusion360, and textured in Substance Painter (Desk, Lamp, Magnifying Glass, Organizer, and Minor Props). All effects were created in Unreal Engine 5 via Blueprints and Niagara systems; supporting environment created with Quixel Bridge assets.

Original concept by Airi Pan:

Original concept art created by Airi Pan used for Ambrosia Princess Desk by AET student Catherine Crawford


Props created by AET student Catherine Crawford for Ambrosia Princess Desk game asset


Behind-the-scenes process in Unreal Engine 5 for Ambrosia Princess Desk

Project Details


Catherine Crawford - 3D/Technical Artist


Unreal 5, Maya, Fusion 360, Zbrush, Substance Painter

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"Ambrosia Princess Desk" game asset created by AET student Catherine Crawford in Unreal Engine 5