BTS “Dynamite” Fan-Animated Music Video

About BTS "Dynamite" Music Video

After taking Professor Neal Daugherty’s Principles of Animation class, I learned how to rotoscope for the first time and decided to take what I learned and put it to use! As a result, I reanimated one of my favorite songs, “Dynamite” by BTS, and added my own vision to the music video.

What are you most proud of for this project?

I’m most proud of the motion graphics/backgrounds, the colors of the animation, and some portions of the rotoscope!

Any tips or advice you have for incoming/current AET Majors that really helped you?

You’re going to have a lot of projects in AET, but only some will interest you while others won’t. My advice is to really do your best and pour your passion into some of the projects that interest you! But don’t completely forget the projects that don’t interest you, it’s good to learn new things even if you’re not interested.

still image from "BTS Dynamite," a music video for the song Dynamite by BTS animated by AET 22 graduate Hari Jeung

Screenshot of Level UP video. Logo for Level UP event overlaid on "UT Tower Projection Map" by AET '22 graduates

Level UP was a collaborative showcase including UT students across Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Game Design and Development, Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film.

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Project Details


Hari J. (AET '22), Director/Animator


Adobe After Effects, Procreate

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animated cartoon self-portrait of Hari Jueng

Hari J., AET '22, Animator