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CID Undergraduate Courses

Fall 2019 Course Descriptions

The courses listed are open to students of any major but are for undergraduates only.

Fall 2019 Off-Site Studio Courses

DEADLINE EXTENDED. Rolling admissions, priority deadline is Monday, April 22 at 9:00am.

ITD 170 Making Real World Design at Argo Design
Unique: 20930

ITD 370 Advanced Design Thinking Studio @ IBM
Unique: 20935

See full course descriptions below for additional information about these courses, including dates and locations.

INSTRUCTIONS: Submit a resume and a letter of interest (include EID) answering one of the questions below. Send all application materials to

Three Questions. Pick One.

  • Why do you want to take this course?
  • How would you integrate what you might learn in this course into your career and/or academic plans?
  • What other ITD course inspired you to apply for this Studio Course?


Fall 2019 Five-Week Courses

ITD 101 Intro to Integrated Design    

Unique: 20855    
Instructor: Gray Garmon
Room: DFA 4.112    
Day/Time: Thursdays 6:00-9:00pm
Dates: Aug 29 - Sept 26

Introduction to the concept of design thinking as a core fundamental in education and industry across all disciplines and channels. Guest speakers may facilitate discussion of various innovation issues facing businesses today.

ITD 102 Sketching for Thinking and Communication    

Unique: 20870
Instructor: Gray Garmon
Room: DFA 4.112     
Day/Time: Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm    
Dates: Aug 30 - Sept 27

Sketching is the fastest way to convey ideas, whether in an ideation session or just taking notes in a meeting. Designed to help students learn the basic elements of sketching to visualize concepts and quickly bring alignment to any team.

ITD 105 Intro to Computer Science Principles

Unique: 20875        
Instructor: Robert Brenner
Room: DFA 4.126
Day/Time: Wednesdays 6:30-9:30pm    
Dates: Aug 28 - Sept 25

Introduction to the basic principles and terms of logic, programming and computer science for non-computer science majors. Restricted to non-computer science majors.

ITD 110 Designing Your College Experience    

Unique: 20880    
Instructor: Gray Garmon    
Room: DFA 4.106    
Day/Time: Mondays 6:00-9:00pm
Dates: Sept 9-Oct 7

This is a hands-on project-based course that will use the skills and mindsets of Design Thinking to empower students to reflect, ideate, and prototype their own undergraduate experience here at UT. The classwork teaches methods of problem definition, design research, and solution generation that will enable students to successfully navigate and take ownership of their learning.

ITD 110 Intro to Futures Studies

Unique: 20885        
Instructor: Jake Dunagan    
Room: DFA 4.106    
Day/Time: Mondays 6:00-9:00pm
Dates: Oct 14 - Nov 11

Survey the changing landscape of society using methods in futures studies and strategic foresight. Apply practical methods for communicating foresight and designing strategies to motivate transformative action.

ITD 110 Intro to Prototyping

Unique: 20890        
Instructor: Robert Evans
Room: EER 1.528    
Day/Time: Thursdays 3:00-6:00pm    
Dates: Sept 5 - Oct 3

Create and test mechanical prototypes in a team setting. Explore case studies as well as an overview of overarching design and entrepreneurial processes in engineering.

ITD 111 Intro to Design for Artificial Intelligence

Unique: 20895        
Instructor: Alex Swain    
Room: DFA 4.106    
Day/Time: Wednesday 6:00-9:00pm    
Dates: Aug 28 - Sept 25

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the next industrial revolution. How can we, as designers, apply these AI technologies to create new compelling experiences and opportunities that help inspire, automate, or impact our everyday lives? This course will provide insight into the history, types, technologies, and examples of how AI is being applied today and how we can leverage user-centered design to conceive new possibilities.

ITD 150 Intro to Augmented Reality & Modern Digital Media

Unique: 20905        
Instructor: Amber Allen   
Room: DFA 4.126    
Day/Time: Mondays 6:30-9:30pm    
Dates: Sept 9-Oct 7

Examination of the history, potential, technological breakthroughs and limitations, business and real-life applications of augmented reality, virtual reality, and other digital media. Discussion of the concepts and underpinning technologies, examples of successful and unsuccessful ventures, and introduction to a framework for evaluation of high potential use cases.

ITD 150 Research and Innovation Insights

Unique: 20910        
Instructor: Paul Janowitz    
Room: DFA 4.106    
Day/Time: Tuesdays 6:00-9:00pm    
Dates: Sept 3 - Oct 4

This introductory research and insights class will provide a broad survey of research and human insight methodologies to allow class participants to become informed consumers of research for design thinking.

ITD 150 Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Design

Unique: 20900        
Instructor: Manoj Saxena    
Room: DFA 4.106    
Day/Time: Thursdays 6:00-9:00pm    
Dates: Oct 3 - Oct 31

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. The intelligent and autonomous technical systems powered by AI are specifically designed to reduce human intervention in our day-to-day lives, and these systems are already being implemented across all walks of technological life. How might we, as humans and as designers facing this new frontier, make sure that the artificial intelligences that we create protect and monitor for the abuse of human rights, for fairness, accountability, and transparency? This class will examine the role design plays in making sure AI impacts society in an ethical way. Throughout the course, we will look at how design will both define and direct the ethics of human and machine interaction.

ITD 150 Storytelling for Influence

Unique: 20915        
Instructor: Shawna Murland    
Room: DFA 4.106    
Day/Time: Tuesday 6:00-9:00pm    
Dates: Oct 8 - Nov 5

Storytelling is one of the world’s most accessible and powerful tools for achieving astonishing results. Stories humanize data, build empathetic connections, define great leaders, and inspire others. During this 5-week course, we will examine the influential role of storytelling in the user-centered design process and explore the principles that drive influential stories. Please note: the first class meeting is Tuesday, October 8.

ITD 170 Making Real World Design at Argo Design
APPLICATION REQUIRED - see above for instructions

Unique: 20930            
Location: Argo Design    
Day/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00-7:00pm    
Dates: Oct 14-Nov 15

Explores mechanisms and strategies for creating successful applications, products, and experiences. Students have dedicated class time and collaboration time. Students must be available for both times. The class will be taught off-campus at Argo Design in Austin, Texas on Wednesdays. Transportation will be provided. Student collaboration time will be on Mondays, 4:00-7:00pm.

Fall 2019 Full Semester Courses

ITD 301D Intro to Design Thinking

Section Unique: 20860        
Instructor: Jeff Neely    
Room: DFA 4.112    
Day/Time: Tuesdays 6:00-9:00pm    

Section Unique: 20865        
Instructor: Jared Huke    
Room: DFA 4.112     
Day/Time: Wednesdays 6:00-9:00pm

What is design thinking? Most of our daily experience is the result of design, intentional or not. It’s a persistent act. We deal with the consequences all the time. In practice, design is first an act of thinking. Then, those thoughts are applied to the act of making – a product, service, place or experience, like going to Disney World. Design is at its best when designers are thinking and making with people in mind. So, a human-centered mindset is a core attribute of design thinking. Design is at its worst when it’s an afterthought, such as a confusing tax form or most ATMs. In this course, students learn the principles of design thinking and apply them to real-world problems while working in interdisciplinary teams. Students learn how to frame problems, learn about people and their behaviors, then apply those insights to improve products and services through rapid prototyping and iteration. Students from all majors are welcome.

ITD 350 Women in Entrepreneurship

Unique: 20920        
Instructor: Jan Ryan    
Room: DFA 4.112    
Day/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30-11:00am    

Examination of gender dynamics and diversity in the entrepreneurial sphere. Experienced female mentors and speakers surround students with strategies for success. Designed for students who are interested in launching a new venture through team-based experiential learning and those interested in learning how the mindset of an entrepreneur can help turn ideas into action.

ITD 365 Visual Ethnography

Unique: 20925        
Instructor: Jon Freach    
Room: DFA 4.116    
Day/Time: Tuesdays 1:00-4:00pm    

Exploration of the powers of observation and developing techniques for seeing the world. Designed to help students understand the camera as a tool to capture and document findings that produce human-centered stories and design ideas through the presentation of technical fundamentals of the camera; how to plan a field research study; how to gain access, build rapport, and conduct observational research; making sense of findings and crafting a photographic essay; and storytelling.    
ITD 370 Advanced Design Thinking Studio @ IBM
APPLICATION REQUIRED - see above for instructions

Unique: 20935
Location: IBM Design Studios
Day/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-9:00pm 

Solve real-world design problems in an industry setting, working in multidisciplinary teams. Students have dedicated class time and collaboration time. Students must be available for both times. The class will be taught at IBM Design Studios in Austin, Texas on Tuesdays. Transportation will be provided. Student collaboration time will be on Thursdays 6:00-9:00pm.

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