Spring 2020 Undergraduate Courses

The courses listed are open to students of any major but are for undergraduates only.

APPLICATION COURSES: Apply for one or both!

design students listen to instructor Jared Culp at off-site course at McKinsey & Co. offered through the Center for Integrated Design

ITD 170 Qualitative Design Studio @ McKinsey

Faculty: Jared Culp
Unique: 21249
Dates: Jan. 24-Feb. 21

APPLICATION REQUIRED. Check out this video of Jared Culp talking about the course.

Explores the intersection of design and data. Examines methods for creating differentiated products and services by combining design thinking and data science while working in interdisciplinary teams. Taught at McKinsey Group Design Studios in Austin, TX. Classes meet Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00-4:00pm. TO APPLY: Send resume and letter of interest to cid@austin.utexas.edu.

design students and faculty standing around a table during class

ITD 170 Digital Experience Design @ Gensler

Unique: 21253
Dates: Mar. 2 - Apr. 6

APPLICATION REQUIRED. Gensler designed UT’s new Basketball Arena.

Surveys the various phases of creating a digital experience design project within the context of media architecture. Gensler professionals will guide students along the entire design process - from strategic concepting, artistic development, technical planning, project management, through final realization and delivery of a real-time, immersive media installation. Taught at Gensler Studios in Austin, TX. Classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-7:00pm. TO APPLY: Send resume and letter of interest to cid@austin.utexas.edu.

Open Enrollment Courses

two undergraduate students sit on grass and study a piece of paper. the student on the left points to the paper, and the student on the right wears a paper head covering

ITD 101 Intro to Integrated Design

Faculty: Gray Garmon
Unique Number: 21210

Introduction to the concept of design thinking as a core fundamental in education and industry across all disciplines and channels. Guest speakers may facilitate discussion of various innovation issues facing businesses today.

an undergraduate student sketches a design on a piece of paper on a white board

ITD 102 Sketching for Thinking and Communication

Faculty: Joe Meersman
Unique Number: 21225

Sketching is the fastest way to convey ideas, whether in an ideation session or just taking notes in a meeting. Designed to help students learn the basic elements of sketching to visualize concepts and quickly bring alignment to any team.

undergraduate student presents design during portfolio critique

ITD 103 Portfolio Critique

Faculty: Jai Dandekar
Unique Number: 21230

Development of a portfolio of work to present for feedback. Designed to help students understand what is expected to create a personal portfolio to show potential employers.

two students wearing black jackets take notes in notebooks outside in the fall weather

ITD 110 Designing Your College Experience

Faculty: Julianna Murphy
Unique Number: 21232

Open to all UT students, this is a hands-on project-based course that will use the skills and mindsets of Design Thinking to empower students to reflect, ideate, and prototype their own undergraduate experience here at UT. The classwork teaches methods of problem definition, design research, and solution generation that will enable students to successfully navigate and take ownership of their learning.

close up on shiny white robot arm against dark background

ITD 111 Intro to Design for Artificial Intelligence

Faculty: Alex Swain
Unique Number: 21234

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the next industrial revolution. How can we, as designers, apply these AI technologies to create new compelling experiences and opportunities that help inspire, automate, or impact our everyday lives? This course will provide insight into the history, types, technologies, and examples of how AI is being applied today and how we can leverage user-centered design to conceive new possibilities.

CEO and designer Kendra Scott with Women in Entrepreneurship instructor Jan Ryan

ITD 115 Creative Entrepreneurship

Faculty: Cam Houser
Unique Number: 21233

Exploration of the integration of entrepreneurship in industry and introduction to the creative process of starting new ventures.

upshot of sky between two glass buildings reflecting red and yellow light

ITD 150 Introduction to Design Futures

Faculty: Jake Dunagan
Unique Number: 21239

Introduction to Design Futures will take students through a structured process to deepen their understanding of change, and to communicate alternative futures in a coherent and compelling way. Students will use theories and methods from experiential futures to create original artifacts from the future and to facilitate a conversation to draw out insights. 

a basket holding many post-it note pads in color order, making a rainbow, next to Sharpies on a table

ITD 150 21st Century Color

Faculty: Luanne Stovall
Unique Number: 21243

Gain 21st century color competencies for visual literacy through the lenses of science, technology, psychology, design and popular culture. Exploration of color using thought experiments, creative research projects, collaborative teamwork exercises, and hands-on experiments. 

Live game design: learning how to make the next Fortnite with a live simulation of development

ITD 150 Live Video Game Design

Faculty: Tyler Coleman
Unique Number: 21236

An introduction to design methods for video games as a service and persistent multiplayer video game worlds. Crosslisted with AET 339.

close-up of many clover in a field

ITD 150 Discovering Design Opportunities

Faculty: Kate Canales
Unique Number: 21238

In this “need finding” class, students will use design methods to unearth and articulate design opportunities in scenarios where they are latent, hidden or otherwise not obvious. This class is project-based, fast-paced and joyful with high expectations for effort and production outside of class.

undergraduate student in foreground speaks to classmates in background about design project

ITD 150 Storytelling for Influence

Faculty: Shawna Murland
Unique Number: 21237

Storytelling is one of the world’s most accessible and powerful tools for achieving astonishing results. Stories humanize data, build empathetic connections, define great leaders, and inspire others. During this 5-week course, we will examine the influential role of storytelling in the user-centered design process and explore the principles that drive influential stories. 

Design students stand on a bridge outside and take notes as they study the creek below them and their professor lectures

ITD 301D Intro to Design Thinking

Faculty: Scott Witthoff/Jared Huke/Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness
Unique Numbers: 21215/21220/21224

What is design thinking? In this course, students learn the principles of design thinking and apply them to real-world problems while working in interdisciplinary teams. Students learn how to frame problems, learn about people and their behaviors, then apply those insights to improve products and services through rapid prototyping and iteration. 

a chorus line of dancers in suits and top hats posing onstage with a large fan backdrop

ITD 350 Business of Entertainment

Faculty: Natasha Davidson
Unique Number: 21244

This course will explore the fundamentals of producing entertainment from inspiration to execution. We will explore all aspects involved in producing live stage and on screen commercial productions.

This means something. A common scene in a coal miner's world: gloves come off to increase dexterity but decrease safety. Example of applied visual ethnography from a project to design better safety gloves for coal miners.

ITD 350 Using Photography for Observational Research

Faculty: Jon Freach

This course will begin by introducing students to the fundamentals of the camera and design research photography. During the following weeks, students will learn observation methods and techniques that build upon each other. You will learn how to make inferences when analyzing photographs, understand the meaning and use of place, analyze situations using a coding structure, and more.

satiric image of a Renaissance painting. the subject is holding a modern iPhone

ITD 350T Internet as Form

Faculty: Sam Lavigne

This course explores the many esoteric possibilities of online expression, approaching the internet through the lens of experimentation, design and performance. Each week students will be tasked with exploring one of the many micro-genres that exist online, including chat rooms, live streams, bots, social media profiles and more. Crosslisted with DES 330T.

two students laugh as they make notes on a map together

ITD 375 Capstone in Integrated Design

Faculty: Gray Garmon and Brooks Protzmann
Unique Number: 21255

Multidisciplinary groups of students research an integrated design problem and propose and prototype an appropriate solution, guided by feedback from supervising instructor(s). Restricted to students in the bridging discipline program.


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