Fall 2022 Undergraduate Courses

The courses listed are open to students of any major but are for undergraduates only.

Studio Courses

Application required for studio courses. To apply, please send a letter of interest (including UT EID) and a resume to cid@austin.utexas.edu.

photo of open laptop with Netflix opened in the browser, displaying many of their original titles such as "Stranger Things" and "Black Mirror"
NEW! ITD 170 Netflix Studio

Faculty: Jared Culp
Unique: 22218

Combining real-world Netflix topics with field research, this course aims at discovering key features and experiences for users before, during, and after the discovery of their next binge-worthy favorite piece of content. During the course, students will study viewing habits, choice, and how we can increase delight for viewers. Class meets September 28-October 26.

argodesign's Stak, a stackable coffee filtration system, sitting on a table next to a vase of baby's breath
ITD 170 Studio @ argodesign

Faculty: Kevin McDonald
Unique: 22217

Explores mechanisms and strategies for creating successful applications, products, and experiences. Taught off-campus at argodesign in Austin, Texas. Transportation provided. Class meets September 27-October 25.

UT Austin Center for Integrated Design faculty Brooks Protzmann teaching a CID course off-site at a studio in Austin, Texas
ITD 370 Studio @ IBM Design

Faculty: Liz Pratt
Unique Number: 22220

Solve real-world design problems in an industry setting, working in multidisciplinary teams. Taught at IBM Design Studios in Austin, Texas.

street view of a neon sign that reads "What is your story?" hanging in a large window
New! ITD 150 Storytelling in Design

Faculty: Michelle Whitman & Kathryn McElroy
Unique: 22213

Learn about effective storytelling techniques to help connect with the audience. Through interactive class sessions, work with design professionals from argodesign and see how they incorporate stories into their everyday work while applying the concepts and techniques behind building and delivering stories. Taught off-campus at argodesign in Austin, Texas. Transportation provided. Class meets August 23-September 20.

two women of color sitting across from each other at a table looking at their laptops as they work
NEW! ITD 104 Business of Design

Faculty: David Richard
Unique: 22199

Introduction to the role that business plays in the design industry. Designed to help students learn business principles to enhance problem solving skills. Class meets September 28-October 26.

two Black people's hands holding the other's forearm as a sign of solidarity and strength
NEW! ITD 150 Relationship Design

Faculty: Michael Henderson

How might we build stronger relationships? In this course we will discover transformative inclusive strategies that help build consensus by developing trust, fostering empathy, creating a safe container for negotiation, and having difficult conversations. Class meets August 24-September 21.

two students wearing black jackets take notes in notebooks outside in the fall weather
NEW! ITD 150 The Power of Curiosity

Faculty: Scott Shigeoka
Unique: 22214

Explores the five-stage model of transformative curiosity, invented by Scott Shigeoka, a key practice to improve skill sets in research, design, storytelling and entrepreneurship — and, most importantly, as people navigating rupture in our personal and professional relationships. Class meets September 27-October 25.

a Black woman sitting at her kitchen table as she designs a website, a slight determined smile on her face
NEW! ITD 350 Building Design Confidence

Faculty: Dimitri Higginbotham

Building Design Confidence focuses on applying design to nurture a growth mindset and build confidence and aptitude for creative problem solving.

graphic with photo of Scott Evans. Text reads "Longhorns in the Fight: the COVID-19 Pandemic"
NEW! ITD 350 Idea to Product (I2P)

Faculty: Scott Evans
Unique: 22219

Students in this class will work in multi-disciplinary teams to develop new products during the semester following processes and activities aligned with practicing product development firms. Products are typically aimed at our campus community, but can address other markets. Teams will be prepared for and have the option to compete in the Idea to Product competition.

close up on shiny white robot arm against dark background
NEW! ITD 111 Intro to Design for Artificial Intelligence

Faculty: Abhay Agarwal
Unique: 22198

Introduction to exploring design as a problem-solving tool for real-world scenarios posed from artificial intelligence and robotics. Class meets August 22-September 26.

two undergraduate students sit on grass and study a piece of paper. the student on the left points to the paper, and the student on the right wears a paper head covering
ITD 101 Intro to Integrated Design

Faculty: Gray Garmon
Unique Number: 22179

Introduction to the concept of design thinking as a core fundamental in education and industry across all disciplines and channels. Guest speakers may facilitate discussion of various innovation issues facing businesses today. Class meets August 25-September 22.

an undergraduate student sketches a design on a piece of paper on a white board
ITD 102 Sketching for Thinking and Communication

Faculty: Joe Meersman
Unique Number: 22195

Sketching is the fastest way to convey ideas, whether in an ideation session or just taking notes in a meeting. Designed to help students learn the basic elements of sketching to visualize concepts and quickly bring alignment to any team.

close-up of two hands clasped together
ITD 150 Design for Healing

Faculty: Scott Shigeoka
Unique: 22208

Reflect on how we have healed — emotionally, spiritually, socially — in our lives and how design moves us toward belonging. Explores the creative practices that allow us to heal personally and in our relationships — and how this informs the broader field of design. Class meets October 3-October 31.

aerial photo of hands at a laptop on a table with coffee and cell phone sitting next to it
ITD 150 Digital Prototyping

Faculty: Joe Meersman
Unique Number: 22209

Explore the different ways to create digital prototypes and discover the various tools available to make and share a digital prototype. Taught as a Web-based course. Class meets August 23-September 20.

Design students stand on a bridge outside and take notes as they study the creek below them and their professor lectures
ITD 301D Intro to Design Thinking

Faculty: Various
Uniques: 22180, 22185, 22189, 22190

What is design thinking? In this course, students learn the principles of design thinking and apply them to real-world problems while working in interdisciplinary teams. Students learn how to frame problems, learn about people and their behaviors, then apply those insights to improve products and services through rapid prototyping and iteration. 

An undergraduate UT Austin design student organizes their thoughts using sticky notes on a white board
ITD 330T Perspectives in Design

Faculty: N/A
Unique Number: 22200

Explore unique perspectives about design in our current society through short-term projects led by multiple designers. Taught as a Web-based course.

This means something. A common scene in a coal miner's world: gloves come off to increase dexterity but decrease safety. Example of applied visual ethnography from a project to design better safety gloves for coal miners.
ITD 350 How to See Like a Designer

Faculty: Jon Freach
Unique: 22215

Analyze photography and infer meaning from it. Combine interviews with photography to generate data for storytelling purposes.

two students laugh as they make notes on a map together
ITD 375 Capstone in Integrated Design

Faculty: Dimitri Higginbotham
Unique: 22224

This course will work in partnership with a local Austin social impact organization to develop thoughtful design solutions.


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