Tower Tumble

About Tower Tumble

Tower Tumble was an interactive projection mapping project that used the facade of the UT Tower as a video game screen. The digital interactive experience was designed to work in conjunction with the Tower, rather than simply using the structure as a display surface. The different stone structures were incorporated into the game to allow players to feel as if their characters were actually traversing the Tower itself. 

The final result reflected this with various game reactions to the pull of gravity, sound that mimicked the Tower Bells, and obstacles that aligned with the Tower’s architecture. The team-based play and the competitive time pressure evolved out of an initial goal to create a place for students to connect. That goal was undoubtedly achieved as students cheered each other on while their peers raced against the clock to collect flags that appeared on the facade of the Tower.

Students use game controller to play Tower projection game


The UT Tower features the video game Tower Tumble

Project Details


Marin Clark — Senior, Arts and Entertainment Technologies Major
Michael Baker — Department Chair, Arts and Entertainment Technologies
Andrew Augustin — Assistant Professor of Practice, Arts and Entertainment Technologies
Matt Smith — Assistant Professor of Practice, Arts and Entertainment Technologies


Unreal Engine 5, Maya, Fusion 360, Ableton, and Photoshop

In the News

Tower Tumbles Video Game Projected on UT Tower

UT Austin turns historic tower into gaming screen

Marin Clark, majoring in Arts and Entertainment Technologies, works with faculty to create “Tower Tumbles” the first video game played on the facade of the UT tower.

Andrew Augustin, Marin Clarke, Michael Baker in front of UT Tower