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An abstract starting level provided for students to engage in Explorational Design.

Teaching Play

August 30, 2018

How should educators teach game design principles? The short answer is to teach the principles of play—specifically, play as a mechanism for exploring interactive systems and a means for designing game levels. 

Doreen Lorenzo, Associate Dean of the School of Design and Creative Technologies

Editor's Note

August 30, 2018

Associate Dean for the School of Design and Creative Technologies Doreen Lorenzo introduces the 2018 issue of the Journal of Design and Creative Technologies.

Illustration for The Human-Centered Design Process is Androgynous by Misa Yamamoto.

The Human-Centered Design Process is Androgynous

August 30, 2018

Looking through the lens of American psychologist Sandra Bem’s definition of androgyny, human-centered design asks participants to take an androgynous approach and to adopt the best of both masculine and feminine traits to improve problem-solving outcomes.

Illustration for How Can You Be a Teacher When You Don't Know the Answers? by Misa Yamamoto.

How Can You Be a Teacher When You Don’t Know the Answers?

August 30, 2018

Teaching design thinking for social innovation requires both the students and the teachers to step outside their comfort zones and outside of traditional teaching frameworks. While teaching a class as part of Southern Methodist University’s Design and Innovation Studio, Kate Canales and Gray Garmon share some of their strategies for navigating the fog of ambiguity. 

Illustration for Toward a Peer-Powered Resource for Teaching by Misa Yamamoto

Toward a Peer-Powered Resource for Teaching Human-Centered Design Projects at the University Level

August 30, 2018

As the human-centered design approach to solving problems in the professional world grows, so does the teaching of this approach in higher education. However, there isn’t a comprehensive guide for teaching human-centered design that is peer-curated, dynamic and adaptable within higher education. To meet this need, a group of educators propose a peer-powered research repository that shares case studies and best practices for teaching design thinking. 

Illustration for Project IX: Student Design to Combat Sexual Assault on Tulane's Campus by Misa Yamamoto

Project IX: Student Design to Combat Sexual Assault on Tulane’s Campus

August 30, 2018

After a survey at Tulane University revealed startling sexual assault statistics, the senior administration hired design consultants to lead a student-centered qualitative research and design project to address campus-wide concerns. The Project IX team proposed a student-driven design thinking collaboration to address tough issues around sexual assault on campus with the goal of bringing the community together to positively change Tulane’s culture.

Illustration for The New Design Thinking Imperative by Misa Yamamoto.

The New Design Thinking Imperative

August 30, 2018

Design thinking has spread to many disciplines, businesses and cultures; however, the way design thinking is executed requires change. The “fail fast” mentality can sometimes cause more harm than good, but merging design thinking with principles from the scientific method may offer a more successful way forward.

Illustration for Confronting the Cultural Taboo with Design: Intimate Cosmetic Brand SAIB and Co.

Confronting the Cultural Taboo with Design: Intimate Cosmetic Brand SAIB & Co.

August 30, 2018

South Korea is a patriarchal, sexually conservative society where the subject of sex has traditionally been taboo. Korean women have long felt uncomfortable purchasing or openly carrying condoms, which are designed and packaged with a masculine message and arousing imagery. Being excluded from the branding and marketing of condoms has left Korean women more vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy and STDs, until now. A progressive South Korean cosmetics brand is working to tackle this problem by creating products that are designed by and for women. 

Illustration by Jason Wilkins.

What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset? Top 3 Reasons Creatives Should Care

August 29, 2018

Today, entrepreneurship is about more than launching a new company. It’s a way of thinking and acting that can change your world and the world of others.

Illustration of AI nurse app by Misa Yamamoto.

Design Thinking in Health Care: How a Virtual Nurse Helps Keep People Out of the Hospital

June 22, 2018

Sensely’s app uses an avatar-based nurse to have a daily check-in “conversation” with patients to help them manage their health as they deal with chronic congestive heart failure. Human-centered design is key to building a smart artificial intelligence platform that improves health outcomes for patients on a daily basis.