Sep 6, 2018

Jiwon Park

Assistant Professor of Design Jiwon Park has been awarded a Red Dot Award: Communication Design in the Brand Design category for her project, “SAIB,” which created a brand concept, logo, visual system and application for the intimate cosmetic brand SAIB & Co.

Launched in South Korea, a society that still remains patriarchal and conservative, SAIB aims to tackle the entrenched cultural taboos around female sexuality. SAIB is an inversion of the word BIAS, signaling an overturning of the gender bias.

Although condoms are products for both men and women, almost every condom brand on the South Korean market is designed solely for male consumers. Their branding and packaging design, with a masculine tonality, push women further away from this market. SAIB products are designed to resemble cosmetic brands and use verbal and visual expressions that resonate with women so that they feel comfortable and proud to carry them without any shame or stigma.

Since its founding in 1955, Red Dot Award has grown into one of the world’s largest design competitions and recognizes excellence in design in three categories: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept.

Park’s work will be honored at a ceremony in Berlin on Oct. 26.

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