UT Tower 3D Projection Mapping

About UT Tower Projection

Our project is a fully 3D projection-mapped, interactive model of the Tower here at UT. The assignment was to create a projection mapping of the model with an 80’s synthwave theme, but our team decided to add interactivity to our project in the form of an Xbox Kinect to make it more engaging for viewers. This projection map is a prototype of something that could be projected onto the real UT tower, which would be a much larger collaboration requiring a lot of creative manpower.

What are you most proud of for this project?

We are most proud of our ability to network together a multitude of real-time programs in conjunction with pre-rendered assets to create an interactive projection-mapped project.

Any tips or advice you have for incoming/current AET Majors that really helped you?

Nothing is more valuable to you as a creative than real-world experience with companies in your field of study. We cannot recommend enough that you look for opportunities to hone your creative and technical craft outside of the classroom!

Screenshot of Level UP video. Logo for Level UP event overlaid on "UT Tower Projection Map" by AET '22 graduates

Level UP was a collaborative showcase including UT students across Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Game Design and Development, Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film.

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Project Details


Jasper Murphy (AET '22) — Technical Designer, Composer
Zane Giordano (AET '22) — Technical Designer, Video Production

Course & Professor

3D Projection Mapping with Professor Matt Smith


Adobe Premiere, Resolume Arena, Touchdesigner, Blender, Green Hippo, and Xbox Kinect

AET senior Jasper Murphy giving a thumbs up while mixing sound for graduation

Jasper Murphy (AET '22) — Technical Designer, Composer