Quaint Relics

Quaint Relics is an ongoing speculative exploration of electronic waste and its potential for reuse in different contexts. The scenario for this project was as follows: “After decades of unsustainable consumption, the manufacturer of new electronic parts becomes scarce. The lack of new products leads to the rise of refurbishment and repair among individuals who still seek an outlet for consumer goods. This new practice prompts many to covet what was previously regarded as junk and find ways to adapt its qualities and functions into new products. In this way, these electronics are given a second life.”

Using this scenario, a collection of products and furniture were designed using discarded electronics and showcased through a 3D exhibition. These pieces were speculative by nature and thus did not seek a “functional” solution to this issue. Instead, using e-waste in such an upfront and unconventional manner is intended to spark discussion regarding our consumption and disposal of electronics.

Discarded computer mouse becomes a light switch


Graphics processing unit becomes intelligent fan


Discarded ipads become hanging light pendant


Discarded computer monitor becomes a lamp


Discarded PC tower becomes drawer storage

Project Details


Aidan Chavez, Design B.F.A., Product Design/3D Visualization/Concept Development


Speculative Futures with Jiabao Li


Rhino 3D, Adobe Photoshop, KeyShot 3D


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