Spring 2021 Game Design Capstone

The 3D Capstone course in the Game Development and Design (GDAD) Program at The University of Texas at Austin occurs each spring and challenges students to utilize all their new skills to create a final project. Undergraduates from the Departments of Arts and Entertainment Technologies and Computer Science, as well as other departments across campus, were assigned to one of four teams, each of which developed their own unique 3D video game.

Capstone Projects

Mrs. Fantastic's Freaky Figurine Shop
Title image for original video game called "Mr. Fantastic's Freaky Figurine Shop"

Team 1: The Cotton Candy Collective

In Mrs. Fantastic's Freaky Figurine Shop, 3 children find themselves turned into toys by the owner herself! They must work together to solve various puzzles and find a way to escape Mrs. Fantastic’s magical clutch!

Genre: Environmental Puzzle Game
Platforms: Windows, Mac, and XBox
Expected ESRB: E for Everyone

  • Caden Harman - Level Designer, 3D Artist, Animator (AET)
  • Julian DeLaRosa - Scrum Master, Programmer (CS)
  • Vera Pei - 3D Artist, Animator (AET)
  • Madison Ward - 2D Artist, Concept Artist (Studio Art)
  • Matthew Whorton - Programmer (CS)
  • Osvaldo Jiménez - Audio Designer, Programmer (CS)
  • Skylore Evans - Programmer, Camera Designer (CS)
  • Terry Nyguen - Tech Artist (AET)
  • Zachary Yarbrough - 3D Artist, Special Effects Artist (AET)

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silhouette of cat-like character with cape and sword against a green background

Team 3: Cat-alyst Games

Play as Loki, shapeshifter and infamous trickster, to steal legendary Norse artifacts and gain the upper hand against the Aesir.  Use your cat form to sneak and steal your way through epic landscapes to save yourself from the destructive events of Ragnarok.

Genre: Third-person stealth game
Platforms: Mac, Windows, and XBox
Expected ESRB: E10+ (Everyone ages 10 and up)

  • Evelyn Barber - Concept/2D Artist, 3D Modeler
  • Grace Carter - 3D Modeler, 2D Animator
  • Jordan Bogaards - Gameplay Programmer, Audio Programmer
  • Katherine “Kat” Byers - Narrative Designer, UI/UX, Scrum Master
  • Matthew Umana - Gameplay Programmer
  • Olivia Moriarty - Level Designer, World Builder
  • Simon Pinochet - AI Programmer
  • Zac Galer - UI Programmer

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title image for original video game "Duality"

Team 4: Studio Gemini

Genre: Third-person adventure puzzle game
Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Xbox
Expected ESRB: E for Everyone

  • Matthew Bianchi - Programmer, Narrative Designer (CS)
  • Jaylen Davis - Level Designer, 3D Artist (AET)
  • Jeshua Johnson - Level Designer, Tech Artist (AET) Colin Pool - Audio Designer (AET)
  • Travis Scott - Environment Artist, Designer (AET)
  • Al Sumstad - Artist, Narrative Designer (AET)
  • Ian Thorne - Programmer, Designer, Scrum Master (CS)
  • Valeria Treviño-Su - Animator, Rigger, Concept Artist (AET)
  • Jesse Zou - Programmer (CS)

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Long Way Home
still image of desert scene from original video game "Long Way Home"

Team 5

A western odyssey following the attempts of a dead cowboy trying to escape limbo by traversing the desolate halfway place. Unravel the mysteries of your surroundings without losing your grip on your soul, and find your way home.

Genre: First-Person Puzzle Adventure
Platforms: Mac, Windows, WebGL
Expected ESRB: E10+ (Everyone ages 10 and up)

  • Brinnah Welmaker - UI/UX Designer & Programmer, 2D Artist
  • Elián Sweeten - Audio Designer & Composer
  • Emily Chauffe - Environmental Artist
  • Emma Berrigan - 3D artist
  • Jake Engelberg - Programmer, Technical Art
  • Maddy Fisher - Narrative and Level Design, Scrum Master
  • Noah Chisenhall - Level Designer, Puzzle Designer
  • William Suh - Programmer
  • Yinglei Fang - Programmer

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