Dye Your Hair at Home

Dye Your Hair at Home Manual by Jinyue Wang

About the Project

Jinyue Wang (Design B.F.A. '23) found that most hair-dye products include complicated instruction sheets with step-by-step tutorials and inclusive ingredients made in black and white. However, since we're dying our hair into shiny and colorful artwork, why are we reading the instructions in black and white? Here is the most effective, straightforward, and interesting step-by-step hair dye tutorial including the before, during, and after stage! Jinyue used the three primary colors to represent the infinite combinations of dying hair and enhance the contrast between each option.

Dye Your Hair at Home Design Process by Jinyue Wang

Project Details


Jinyue Wang, Design. B.F.A, Designer


Adobe Illustrator

Dye Your Hair at Home Guide by Jinyue Wang