Creatives in AET Level UP Innovation at Showcase Event


June 8, 2022


UT students across Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Game Design and Development, Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film joined forces at the Doty Fine Arts Building to showcase multiple levels of gameplay, computer graphics, soundscapes, and immersive experiences. The event offered students across each of the programs an opportunity to present their best creative work to industry partners, media, faculty, friends, and peers.  

Throughout the building, hundreds of laptops were charged to display the endless creativity of these students and their agility with various creative technologies. Student projects ranged from fast-paced multi-player action games and a 2D sci-fi cooking simulation game to animated music videos, a 3D projection mapped interactive model of the UT Tower and interactive narratives exploring issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In one semester’s worth of work, these students powered through the unknown — and a few late nights with teammates — to emerge with stunning portfolio-worthy projects for their resumes.  

"It's so exciting to see such quality work across every discipline of the Arts and Entertainment Technologies program out of the classroom and in front of an audience. Each level is chock full of engaging experiences developed by our students, showing off a huge diversity of skills that they've learned in the program,” said David Cohen, Associate Department Chair for Arts and Entertainment Technologies

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