Mar 1, 2019

This semester, Executive Chairman of CognitiveScale Manoj Saxena is teaching "Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Design," a course offered through the Center for Integrated Design (CID). The Wall Street Journal featured Saxena in a recent piece about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) ethics.

From AI reporter John Murawski:

"Former IBM Watson general manager Manoj Saxena, who is executive chairman of AI software developer CognitiveScale, is currently teaching an 'Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Design' course at the University of Texas, in Austin.

Mr. Saxena said he is preparing his students for an economy with human workers and digital workers, both of whom have to be trained and supervised. He sees his teaching role as not only preparing managers for an AI workforce but also training a new generation of AI ethicists and AI auditors.

'I’m encouraging them to look at this as a career,' Mr. Saxena said. 'A lot of brands are going to be damaged by AI, and they will learn it the hard way.'"

You can read the full article here.

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