2020-2021 M.A. in Design focused on Design in Health Courses

Courses waived for Dell Medical School students are denoted with an asterisk.

Summer 2020

Introduction to Design Thinking

A preliminary foundation in the emerging practice of Human-Centered Design, the methodology driving Design Thinking as a way of achieving innovation across sectors. (3 credits)

3D Prototyping

Using basic, rapid prototyping methods with an emphasis on products and the built environment (3D), this course prepares students to use prototyping as a means of testing ideas iteratively.  (1 credit)

Sketching for Communication

Designed to help students learn the basic elements of sketching to visualize concepts, document their thinking, and quickly bring alignment to teams. (1 credit)

Eliciting Inspiring Participant Data

This design research methods course grounds students in the tactics of several common primary research methodologies in design including contextual interviewing, intercept interviewing, personal inventories, empathy modeling and others. (1 credit)

Fall 2020

Fieldwork in Design

Students conduct fieldwork as part of a collaborative research team and/or under the supervision of a project supervisor. This course will emphasize the application of design research and design anthropology methods as a strategic practice within complex projects. (3 credits)

Service Design

As the application of design methods evolves, we are seeing more and more service businesses improve and innovate using design and designers at the core of that evolution. This course focuses on applying design thinking to service-based sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, food service and others. (3 credits)

Advanced Issues in Design

Design in Health Introduction to Collaborations – This course will cover critical frameworks and skills for the work of this degree, as well as introduce frameworks for navigating team projects and project management in design-based circumstances. (3 credits)

Graphic Communication Tools

Building on Sketching for Communication, this course introduces several graphic software design tools and the principles of 2D visualizations for use in print and on screen. (1 credit)

Storytelling for

This interactive course explores the theory and practice of storytelling as it relates to written, visual, and oral narratives. Students will learn frameworks for storytelling as a tool for effective communication and for conveying information in a memorable way. By applying elements of story and storytelling to professional presentations, students will gain the tools necessary to appeal to various audiences and respond to different contexts. (1 credit)

Design History*

History of Design in culture with focus on the 20th Century. (3 credits)

Core Laboratory 1*

Practice Laboratory for a variety of design methods. (3 credits)

Spring 2021

Advanced Issues in Design (Studio)

Project-based studio graduate work within design. (6 credits)

Advanced Issues in Design (Class)

This course examines design practices in all areas, and their relationship to research, and investigates current discourse within design studies. (3 credits)

Business of Design*

Using case studies and hands-on activities, students come to understand how design is being integrated into business and vice versa. (3 credits)

Design for Health

Exploration of creative design-based approaches and problem-solving methods and their application to solving contemporary health care challenges. (2 credits)

Final Project in Design

This course will serve as a defense of student’s learning and demonstration of newly acquired skills through the live presentation of a project. Most projects will be the result of collaborative teamwork. Course faculty will guide project proposal, development, implementation and delivery. (3 credits)

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