VJ Battle 2017: Audiopixelcollider

Audiopixelcollider was the College of Fine Arts' first VJ Battle, a live performance by visual artists and lighting designers showcasing their VJing skills to original, student-produced music. This unique and immersive experience in the Brockett Theatre combined projection design, film editing and music.

Created by the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET) and the Department of Theatre and Dance student communities, the show included a featured performance by The Parts Unknown, aka Dax Norman and Bill Byrne. The event featured student work from AET 347: Projection Design, AET 360C: Entertainment Systems Design, AET 362C: Generative Media/Visuals and TD 388J: Media Design and Technology III. Audiopixelcollider was led by Master of Ceremonies, Dan Caffrey.

Photos by Lawrence Peart

a close up of the back of a student's head, wearing headphones
a student standing at a VJ lighting booth
a crowd in blue light
student wearing a winter hat and running a lighting board
student running a light board
closeup of hands at a lighting board
A student wearing a lampshade on their head.
a student working a light show through their computer
a student with a microphone
close up of a lighting systems board
A student wearing headphones and running a lighting board
a student standing at a VJ lighting booth