Rehab Bud

Final wireframes for Rehab Bud, an app designed by Design student Ishita Sisodia for Texas Convergent

About Rehab Bud

As part of Texas Convergent's AI Tech Build Team, Ishita Sisodia (B.A. Design '24) worked with peers to create a fitness and health-related AI-powered application. After a conversation and sticky note ideation session, the team connected around their shared ineffective physical therapy treatments because of a lack of motivation to do exercises, as a result of accuracy on doing assigned exercises at home.

After extensive research and numerous user interviews, their final idea was to create Rehab Bud, a two-sided platform that allows PT patients to record their exercises and get real-time AI feedback on the accuracy of their form, while also tracking their recovery progress and holding them accountable. The platform automatically shares this data with the patient's physical therapist(s), allowing therapists to make regiment adjustments based on the patient’s progress in an effort to increase patient motivation and form accuracy.


Low fidelity mockup of pages in Rehab Bud app designed by Ishita Sisodia


Research findings for Rehab Bud app, designed by B.A. Design student Ishita Sisodia


Hi-fidelity mockups of the different pages within Rehab Bud app designed by Ishita Sisodia

Project Details


Ishita Sisodia - Lead UX/UI Designer
Alex Jimenez - Engineer
Arya Amin - Engineer
Daniel Bernal - Engineer
Neel Agarwal - Project Manager
Yue Taira - Project Manager



Hi-fidelity mockup of the home page of Rehab Bud app designed by Ishita Sisodia