Concert and Event Lighting Class Projects

AET students in Matt Smith's Concert and Event Lighting class visited High End Systems' demo room in Spring 2018 to display their end-of-semester projects. The added challenge? They had to draw songs out of a bowl and then create lighting effects in real time as the song played.

Photos by Jen Reel

blue concert lighting
students choose names of songs out of a plastic container4x9a0449.jpg
pink, blue and yellow concert lighting with a woman's silhouette in the foreground at the programming board
multi-colored concert lighting
a woman at a theatrical lighting programming board
green concert lighting with a small crowd to the right
purple and blue concert lighting
purple and yellow concert lighting
two purple spotlights create cone shapes on the floor
students are bathed in blue light as they watch a concert light show
blue, green and red concert lighting
an extended hand touching the screen of a theatrical lighting programming board
pink and yellow concert lights with the silhouettes of a small crowd in the foreground
blue spotlights create snowflake like patterns on the ground
students show the UT hook em sign in a concert lighting demo room