Think Before You Design Think (TBYDT)

photos of participants from past Think Before You Design Think workshops at The University of Texas at Austin

Think Before You Design Think (TBYDT)


A 3-day, immersive learning experience designed to help diffuse design thinking throughout your organization.

After completing TBYDT, participants will understand how to utilize design thinking strategies and tools for:

  • Reframing challenges as opportunities
  • Gaining insights from stakeholders and customers, communicate value, and develop solutions
  • Identifying the value of collective intelligence and how to construct interdisciplinary teams that leverage it

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Think Before You Design Think workshop at The University of Texas at Austin

Location: Virtual

Duration: 6 hours each day

Audience: Designed for professionals in any industry

Day 1

  • Design Thinking foundational knowledge and skills
  • Developing a design thinking community of practice
  • Activating DT mindsets
  • Design Sprint

Day 2

  • Design research: generative and evaluative
  • Design challenge: field research, ideation, journey mapping, prototyping and testing solutions for addressing contextual problems

Day 3

  • Characteristics and features that lead to adoption
  • Designing the development and adoption of a design thinking practice