Internal Transfer Admissions to AET

Students test games at the 2018 AET Showcase. Photo by Lawrence Peart.

Application Opens: Feb. 1 via GetAcceptd

Application Deadline: Apr. 1

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Learn more about the B.S. in Arts and Entertainment Technologies

The Bachelor of Science in Arts and Entertainment Technologies (B.S. AET) is a degree offered by the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies within the School of Design and Creative Technologies and a component of the  2018-2020 degree catalogue. The internal transfer/major change process is for current University of Texas at Austin students who are applying to enter the College of Fine Arts and the B.S. AET degree program.

UT Austin students who have completed no more than four long semesters (fall or spring) or 60 hours in-residence (here at UT Austin) are eligible for internal transfer.

Note: We will not be accepting applications for simultaneous majors, only students who want a complete major-change. No exceptions will be made. 

Priority consideration will be given to students who demonstrate a timely pathway to graduation and who have a 3.0 or higher GPA. Current UT Austin students should review the university’s policies on internal transfer.

It is highly recommended that students review the B.S. AET Degree Guidelines before applying.

Portfolio requirement:

A portfolio is a professional presented collection of your strongest artistic work. This is an opportunity to show us your ideas, creativity, technical skills and what makes you unique. These should be projects that you have made yourself using the tools of art, design, music, software or engineering. Portfolios should demonstrate your interest and aptitude for advanced study. 

It is required for internal transfer applicants to submit a portfolio for admission consideration. Applicants are encouraged to submit only their best-completed work; quality over quantity is preferred.

Have any questions or academic concerns? Email or schedule an in-person appointment with the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the School of Design and Creative Technologies, to explore your current graduation timeline and options for potentially adding AET coursework to your schedule. Advising availability will be extremely limited during the mandatory advising period in April.

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