How may I internally transfer into the B.S. in AET degree?
Please see our admissions section for pertinent info.

Some AET courses are listed as "restricted." How do I register for these courses?
Students hoping to register for a “restricted” AET course need to have the required prerequisites before taking the course. The only way for students without appropriate prerequisites to be approved for coursework is to obtain explicit instructor permission. All AET courses are restricted to AET majors only. Any non-major wishing to enter an AET course needs to provide documentation from the instructor allowing them to enter a course IF seats are available after the fourth class day of that semester. 

May I have two majors (simultaneous majors)?
As of October 2019, the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies officially allows simultaneous majors. Please note that this does not change the admissions requirements for AET or other programs. For those interested in pursuing a double major, be sure to meet with your academic advisers to ensure you can complete the requirements for a dual degree.

Can I minor in Arts and Entertainment Technologies?
AET does not offer a minor for non-AET students. Students should talk to their academic advisor about options for officially recognized minors offered at The University of Texas. 

I registered for a class, it is after the 12th class day, but now I want to drop it. What do I do?
Go to Student Affairs at the College of Fine Arts (DFA 1.103) to pick up an add/drop form before the mid-semester drop deadline. See the current academic calendar for a schedule of deadlines. After the deadline, you will have to petition the appeals committee.

What is the mandatory advising requirement for AET students?
Current majors in the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies must be advised before they can register for any semester or summer session. If you do not attend mandatory advising during the assigned dates, you will not be able to register for classes for the next semester until the week before it begins. The department’s academic advisors will give details about the mandatory advising period during each long semester.

For more information on degree advising and course registration in AET, please contact your Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

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