These two senior-level courses bring together about 30 students from different disciplines who work together in small teams to develop 2-D and 3-D games and/or mobile apps. The class reflects the realities of the industry: people with diverse talents collaborating together to meet a deadline.

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2-D Capstone (Fall Semester):

Most mobile, social and casual games are 2-D games. Why not learn how to make them for the rapidly growing mobile, social and casual game markets? Teams of five to seven students come together to create 2-D games to show prospective employers and the world.

3-D Capstone (Spring Semester):

3-D games are the standard of the AAA game industry. While more complex to create, 3-D games are more immersive than 2-D games and are, for many game studios, more lucrative. Learn how to make 3-D games in small teams of five to seven students while learning the common practices and processes of game studios.

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