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UT students across Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Game Design and Development, Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film joined forces at the Doty Fine Arts Building to showcase multiple levels of gameplay, computer graphics, soundscapes, and immersive experiences. The event offered students across each of the programs an opportunity to present their best creative work to industry partners, media, faculty, friends, and peers.  

Throughout the building, hundreds of laptops were charged to display the endless creativity of these students and their agility with various creative technologies. Student projects ranged from fast-paced multi-player action games and a 2D sci-fi cooking simulation game to animated music videos, a 3D projection mapped interactive model of the UT Tower and interactive narratives exploring issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In one semester’s worth of work, these students powered through the unknown — and a few late nights with teammates — to emerge with stunning portfolio-worthy projects for their resumes.  

"It's so exciting to see such quality work across every discipline of the Arts and Entertainment Technologies program out of the classroom and in front of an audience. Each level is chock full of engaging experiences developed by our students, showing off a huge diversity of skills that they've learned in the program,” said David Cohen, Associate Department Chair for Arts and Entertainment Technologies

Explore AET Student Work

Take a closer look at the interactive games, animations and experiences presented at Level UP from students in the Arts and Entertainment Technologies program.

still image of original video game "Culling Streets" created by AET '22 graduates
Culling Streets

Class: Senior Design Project II

Project Members: Christopher Dean Jr., Harrison Chung, Jalen Hoyt, Jasper Murphy, Zachary Zhang, Zane Giordano

Read Student Spotlight: Jalen Hoyt

still image from "Cosmic Cooking" featuring the alien chef giving directions for how to cook alien food
Cosmic Cooking

Class: Senior Design Project I

Project Members: Team Galactic Chefs — Jackson Richardson, Joseph Shahum, Julia Nguyen, Kassia Raj, Nick Smeraldo

title image for "Qualified Immunity" that resembles a police badge
Qualified Immunity

Class: Senior Design Project I

Project Members: Team Last Braincell — Alex Kohl, Alex Kong, Ashli Black, Catherine Kim, Victor Do

hands holding the console for "Woodland Pet" game. the console resembles a tree stump and was hand designed and painted by AET '22 graduate Nada Aburayyan
Woodland Digital Pet

Class: Independent Study

Project Creator: Nada Aburayyan

still image of "Lens of Empathy" featuring dialogue from a single mother
Lens of Empathy

Class: Independent Study

Project Creator: De'sha Bass-McClellan

Read Student Spotlight: De'sha Bass-McClellan

still image of "3D UT Tower Projection Map" by AET '22 graduates Jasper Murphy and Zane Giordano
UT Tower 3D Projection Map

Class: 3D Projection Mapping

Project Members: Jasper Murphy, Zane Giordano

Read Student Spotlight: Jasper Murphy

still image from "BTS Dynamite," a music video for the song "Dynamite" by BTS animated by AET '22 graduate Hari Jeung
BTS Dynamite Music Video

Class: Personal Project

Project Members: Hari Jeung

still image of protagonist Lillian Lee on a train from "In My Shoes," a diversity and inclusion narrative game created by AET '22 graduates
In My Shoes

Class: Senior Design Project I

Project Members: Team Spacefrogs — Abigail Cole, Ashley Liu, De’sha Bass-McClellan, Nicole Rodriguez

yellow text reads "Within and Without" over an image of a teenage girl climbing out of her bedroom window
Within and Without

Class: Senior Design Project I

Project Members: Andres Molina, Ben Barnes, Kate Whitmer, Max Esparza, Stephanie Wilhite

still image from original game "Ghost Hunter Hunter" created by AET '22 graduates
Ghost Hunter Hunter

Class: Level Design

Project Members: Ashli Black, Cole Ferguson, Victor Do

Still image from "Time Passing Through," an original animation from AET junior Jackson Gurdak. A person is physically pushing a week back on a wall calendar, resembling trying to push back time
Time Passing Through

Class: AET Studio

Project Creator: Jackson Gurdak

still image from "Automaton," an original game created by AET students. a large table with ornate chairs sits under a chandelier in a creepy, dark mansion that's supposedly abandoned

Class: 3D Game Capstone

Project Members: Christopher Rice, Dani Amir, Eduardo Monroy, Jackson Goodall, Mark Salinas, Nat Briceno, Steven Callahan, Tasmiah Islam

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