Lecturer, Design

Shruthi is the legitimate love-child of strategy and creativity. With more than 12 years of design experience, Shruthi’s background is as varied and diverse as the work she produces. Since 2006, she has been many things: a strategist, a brand manager, a student, an educator, an award-winning designer, and creator of acclaimed projects across the globe. Today, she has evolved into a creative who observes, listens, investigates and experiments through design.

She brings together a variety of creative disciplines and experience by which she is able to supply not merely design, but rather a crafted product that feels connected and harmonized via one creative approach that bleeds the same blood throughout its elements. Her design sensibilities are heavily inspired by human-centered design and a deep love for common sense, unusual imagination and clarity of purpose. Her diverse portfolio of work has been internationally recognized by Lürzer’s Archive, GD USA, Graphis Design Annual, The One Club for Creativity, Art Directors Club and AIGA.

Shruthi has also participated as a speaker and judge at festivals, conferences and schools. She is currently based in Austin while working globally as a senior designer at FÖDA. She currently is a Doctor of Design Scholar at North Carolina State University.

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