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Dear friend,

It’s no accident that the topics in our exhibition are so broad. Even before the pandemic, we lived in an era of problems both large and small: our crumbling environment, the pitfalls of the internet, and yes, even our inability to enjoy a nice legal toke. Although originally intended to live in a gallery space on campus, like everything else in our lives, the exhibition has been modified to live online. 

We are 38 designers from a spectrum of backgrounds. Our projects span from the heartfelt and nuanced to the witty and humorous. The current health crisis has shed light on many of these already pressing issues. As we graduate into the post-Covid world, we seek to create a new normal that doesn’t merely return to the status quo. The future may be fraught, but looking ahead, we discard dogma and adopt fluidity in pursuit of a fresh perspective. Thanks for understanding.


B.F.A. Design 2020
The University of Texas at Austin School of Design and Creative Technologies

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