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Michael Baker

Michael Baker, M.F.A.

Director of AET Game Design Program

Kate Canales

Kate Canales, B.S.

Chair, Department of Design

ART 1.208
Stacey Chang

Stacey Chang, M.S.

Executive Director, Design Institute for Health

HDB 8.800 512-495-5087
Jose Calucci

José Colucci Jr, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Development, Design Institute for Health

HDB 8.800 512-495-6862
Gray Garmon

Gray Garmon, MArch

Director, Center for Integrated Design

ART 1.205
Beto Lopez

Beto Lopez, M.S.

Managing Director, Design Institute for Health

HDB 8.800 512-495-5088
Doreen Lorenzo

Doreen Lorenzo, M.A.

Assistant Dean, School of Design and Creative Technologies

Bruce Pennycook

Bruce Pennycook, D.M.A.

Chair, Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies

DFA 4.132 512-466-1840
Jan Ryan

Jan Ryan, B.B.A.

Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

DFA 4.102
Julie Schell

Julie Schell, E.D.D.

Executive Director of Extended and Executive Education