Situated within the tension between past and future, "No Longer, Not Yet" — a collection of projects by the graduating Design B.F.A. class of 2022 — represents our shared embrace of the transitory. Each student created their project independently in response to a chosen issue. These projects explore interdisciplinary design mediums, ranging from graphic, to product, to interface. This show represents how the next generation of designers see their individual practices operating in a constantly changing global society.

In many ways, design is the exploration of communication. When considering how to express the show’s driving concept, we chose the comma as a representative symbol. Grammatically, a comma is used to transition between two incomplete ideas while becoming equally a part of both. It exists after one moment has finished and before the next begins. As students, we walk with the lessons learned and knowledge acquired, as graduates, we wonder what awaits us in our next steps. We invite you to stand upon the threshold with us, to look back and to look forward, to witness what is no longer, and gaze upon what is not yet.

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1. Isabella Acosta

11. Brandon Buerk

21. Jennifer Jimenez

31. Elianna Panakis

2. Alejandra Andrade

12. Meredith Cambis

22. Ammar Akhtar Khan

32. Daniel Park

3. Fernando Avelar

13. Isabel Canales

23. Jack Decker Lanigan

33. Amanda Piamonte

4. Sara Beshai

14. Nicholas Cooper

24. Yixuan Li

34. Gia Kanani Poblete

5. Madison Bickerton

15. Anna Crawford

25. Alyssa Lumanog

35. Nicole Ransom

6. Mari Blanchard

16. Grace Davila

26. Katherine McMahan

36. Jennifer Rodriguez

7. Caroline Blanton

17. Maggie Deleonardis

27. Ricardo Menchaca

37. Jacob Simpson

8. James Blue

18. Laura Gonima

28. Ryan Nesbitt

38. Stephanie Sonik

9. Taeler Braithwaite

19. Julia Haas

29. Ellen Okamura

39. Evelyn Thai

10. Max Brehmer

20. Stevie Zya Harvel

30. Ethan Orlando

40. Sandra Thai

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