We'd like to introduce you to some of our students who will be the first to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET) in the School of Design and Creative Technologies. All of these students transferred from other UT departments into the major or added it as a second major since it opened for enrollment in fall 2015. In their project-based coursework, these students were able to focus with the three emphasis areas of the major: Music & Sound, Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) and New Performance Technologies. We can't wait to see how they go out and change the world.

Chris Scoog
Chris Skoog

"This major is designed to push your creative skills to the max to enhance what you have in order to get ahead of your competition in the job market."

Samantha Valdez

"I began my time at UT as a computer science major, but really missed doing art on a regular basis and missed being able to exercise my creativity in the classes I was taking. When AET was introduced as a new major I knew it was the perfect overlap between technology and art, and I’m very glad I ended up switching majors."

Gwen Dalmacio
Katrina Gwen Dalmacio

"As you scroll through my SketchFab page, you can see my progress as a 3D modeler, and it is most assuring to know how far I have come as an artist, to see the development and the establishment of my own style."

Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin

"I’m most proud of my gaming projects. The game dev classes at UT simulate an industry experience where you get to work in teams and create a video game. As an artist, I spent a lot of time developing the world and characters within these games and can say I’m proud of the work I put in."

Shannon Carr
Shannon Carr

"I chose AET because I've always had a love for video games, anime, and manga since I was a kid. It made me want to learn how to animate, learn web development to spice up my super cool Neopets page, and also learn how games are made. AET gives us that chance."

Gabrielle Ransom

"With this being a new program, I didn’t know what to expect as far as level of work, but I believe a lot of high quality work has been produced by students and this is only the beginning as to what AET students can and will be able to do."

Clay Damron

"When I first came to UT, there was no area of study that encompassed my interests, so I became an engineering student. However, following the inception of the AET program, I knew it was time for a transfer.  I knew that the project based curriculum would prepare me to work in a real production environment." 

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