Lecturer, Center for Integrated Design

Jared Huke helps the enterprise mobilize their workforce with a blend of contextual mobility and predictive user centered design. With a focus on utility, he has led teams into the darkest corners of corporate infrastructure to bring these large companies into a modern, mobile world.

Huke has a high level of skills ranging from 200+ page magazine layout and output to 500+ page websites integrating a large number of legacy databases across multiple platforms, mobile application developmentĀ and responsive design. Directly managing teams as large as 25 designers, and indirectly managing as many as 120-person companies, he has played a key role in the turnaround of five companies through design, team building, processĀ and operational innovation.

Huke got started in the early dot com years in Austin, Texas, starting his first company when he was 20 years old. After the bubble burst, he found himself spending over a decade traveling and designing the world in far-flung places such as Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, and China. Huke has returned to Texas to participate in the recent wave of technology innovation around Internet of Things, wearables, and mobility.

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