Cavendish Group is partnering with the School of Design and Creative Technologies Extension (SDCTx) at UT Austin to deliver online workshops designed to upskill organizations in the application of design thinking – taking a solution-based, human-centered approach to solving problems. SDCTx’s courses offer professional training and development in the application and adoption of a design-thinking practice. From schools and universities to businesses and government agencies, equipping teams and individuals with skill sets that transcend market trends increases our collective ability to apply creative solutions to the problems within modern society.

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3D illustration of a hand holding a city skyline in its palm. text says "a virtual discussion in sustainability and design thinking"

Join us for an exciting conversation moderated by Mala Manku, CEO of the Cavendish Group, about the low-hanging fruits that organizations/municipalities could capitalize upon when using the Design Thinking framework for designing initiatives with sustainability tenets as guiding principles.


  • Doreen Lorenzo - Assistant Dean, School of Design and Creative Technologies at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Jared Huke - Lecturer, Center for Integrated Design at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Orlando Mathias - Associate Director at the Boston Consulting Group in London
  • Maher Chebbo - Chair of the Governing Board at REEEP
Design Thinking for Sustainability Certificate Program
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Design Thinking for Sustainability

Understanding and assessing sustainability perspectives is smart business. This series provides foundational knowledge on how to utilize the design thinking methodology to reframe problems and generate ideas for solving contextual challenges (in municipalities, communities, organizations) while assessing key sustainability considerations.

Design Thinking Fundamentals

A 2-day, immersive learning experience designed for understanding the design thinking methodology and framework. Participants develop strong foundational knowledge of design thinking and build skills for applying design thinking techniques within their organizational contexts.

Sponsored Design Studio

An executive-sponsored design studio customized to guide participants in crafting potential solutions to authentic problems that the organization is facing while upskilling their understanding of design thinking through individual and behavioral transformation.

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