How to Enroll in Major-Restricted Courses

During the specific times listed below, students must visit your department's Undergraduate Academic Advisor in person to possibly add a major-restricted course.

For fall/spring courses: During the first four class days of the semester in which the course is being offered

​For summer courses: During the first two class days of the session in which the course is being offered

Things to Know

  • Even if you have instructor consent, the advisor might not be able to add a non-major to a major-restricted course.
  • If you see a course listed as “open/restricted” on the course schedule, the advisor still might not be able to add a non-major to the class if there are only a few seats open. Those seats might be needed as options for current majors who adjust their schedules or for newly admitted external and internal transfer students.
  • Registration assistance for enrolling in any of the major-restricted AAH Core courses (ART 301C, ART 302C, ART 303C) is only offered during the first four class days. If you want to know your options for possibly registering for any of the ART courses listed above, you will need to see the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Department of Art and Art History in DFA 2.530.
  • During the 5th–12th class days of a fall/spring semester or the 3rd-4th class days of a summer session, any student “late adding” a course in this department must send the academic advisor an email containing professor consent in addition to stopping by the office in person to be added to the course.
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