Freshman Admissions

Students demo games they've created at Digital Demo Day.

Arts and Entertainment Technologies

Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET) is an interdisciplinary major that merges creativity and innovation with the technologies revolutionizing the arts and entertainment industries. Students develop an understanding of the role and impact of technology and new digital media has on culture while gaining foundational skills in programming and creative production software. Senior capstone experiences or thesis projects allow you to showcase marketable skills through your project portfolio.

AET offers coursework across three emphasis areas: Music and Sound, Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) and New Performance Technologies.

Students ideate as part of the "Radical Collaboration @ IBM" class hosted at IBM Design Studios. Photo by Alicia Dietrich.


The undergraduate Design program empowers students with a rich, multi-faceted educational experience that poises graduates for careers in the design professions or an entrepreneurial endeavor. Design is about solving a problem and creating new processes, products and services for people. It is human centered; the end-user’s needs, wants and limitations are explored at all stages within the design process and development lifecycle.

Students enjoy the extensive offerings of one of the world’s great public universities, while receiving individualized instruction from expert, passionate faculty and local industry professionals in small cohorts of approximately 20 students. Students immerse themselves in various aspects of design and are able to create graphics, objects, interactions, systems and services.

A portfolio is required to apply to Design.

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Application Deadlines

December 1 (Freshman Applicants)

Grace Period for Uploaded Items
If you submit your 2018 fall ApplyTexas freshman application immediately before or on the December 1 deadline, we will consider uploaded items and online forms on time if you submit them through 11:59 p.m. (Central) on Thursday, December 7.

March 1 (Transfer Students)
March 1 (Current UT Students)